Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I know it’s bad to stereotype people, but I’m going to do it anyway… one thing I noticed about us gays is that we really like certain types of clothes that distinguishes us from the breeders. Two of the most obvious things I noticed are that we like to wear singlets and vests.

Okay, don’t give me that look of disbelieve, just go check out your closet, and see how many singlets you have. I looked into mine and realised that I have sooo much more than my straight housemate.

Vests are another clothing/accessory that gays seem to own sooo much more than our straight breeder counterparts. We wear them all the time, whether its with a dress shirt to a formal party or just with a normal t-shirt to a regular get-together, we love our vests. Some guys I know even wear just the vest out to party, and you know what, after thinking it over, if I had their chests and arms, I may wear ‘just’ the vest out too :P

If you don’t believe me, on this… go check out your friends’ facebook albums and count how many pictures of them are in singlets or vests. If you count carefully, I believe you’ll notice that your gay friends wear them way more than your straight friends.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that the next time you see someone in a singlet or a vest, its safe to add another 20percent to your gaydar estimator, because the chance of him being gay is definitely higher :P