Sunday, September 30, 2012

Still Here and Fighting On!

Its been ages since I last posted something here, so I thought its high time I posted something to remind everyone that Lucas is still lurking around.

A quick update on what's going on in my universe at the moment... My first job out of uni is going great and the best part about the new job are my supportive colleagues. Absolutely amazing! Wont be dwelling too much into my work here, as the blog is more about my personal thoughts and life, rather than my professional one.

Next big thing going on in my life is that I’m finally fully trained in combat! I actually started off my combat addiction way back in 2010, yes… sometimes I think its more of an addiction than passion :) Finding that it was both an awesome cardio workout and at the same time still relatively-comparatively masculine, I was hooked!

Thumbs up to Takashi and one of my fellow instructors here down under for inspiring and motivating me to become an instructor! Its taken me actually a very long time to go from participant to  full fledged instructor, but now I’m finally on the timetable! Woohoo! Last week I led my very first class alone :)

Look who's on the board this week!!!

… okay I don’t have a permanent class of my own yet and I’m currently only subbing for other instructors, but all in good time... And also, if any of you were wondering, NO, I do not go to sleep every night hoping that an instructor falls sick so that I can cover them. Honest, I promise!

I am however working hard and asking around for a permanent time slot that both suits my time and is accessible to me by public transport...

Having the opportunity to motivate others through their combat workout is actually a very wonderful feeling and having gone through the whole process of becoming an instructor, I must say that I'm very happy to be where I am now. Its actually a funny feeling leading a class through their workout though. I get hyper excited when I get rostered a class, but five minutes before class, all the excited cocoons in my tummy magically morphs into butterflies (at the fking same time) and all of a sudden I have this butterfly park in my stomach making me extremely nervous. To me, teaching combat is fun, scary, exciting and nerve wrecking all blended into a tall (and trendy) glass of healthy smoothie mix.

Signing out.