Friday, March 2, 2012

Too nice! You Lose!

Literally Bromantic!

Okay this is really starting to bug me... Why does the bad guy always win?

Spoiler alert for This Means War... If you still wanna watch the movie... Then don't read on... I kid you not.

Anyway, I went out and watched the movie last week with a friend... A girl... That is if any of you were wondering. Anyway, we watched This Means War! When I first saw the trailer ages ago, I found both the actors very attractive... And couldn't wait to watch it.

In terms of realism... The show completely lacks any realistic elements. But in terms of comedy... Hold on to your seats folks, coz you're gonna be laughing your heads off. Oh... And just a side note, the bromance within the movie is very cute too :) wish I had that with my best friend...

Anyway, not to spoil too much Of the movie... The guy that cheats, lies, and plays dirty eventually wins the heart of the legally blonde actress... She is awesome by the way!

What I dont get is how is it possible that the nice guy always finishes last... I seriously find that very very disturbing :( I like to think that I'm more of the nice guy... and most certainly hate to think (or to know) that I always finish last.

What is it about having a bad streak that is attractive?

Cute, Lean and has a Brittish accent... What's not to like? Oh and he is nice too

After watching that movie, I felt sooo sorry for the nice guy that lost out... (if I could I would have given him a nice big cuddle *devious smile*) but yea... I felt sorry for him.

I understand we all need a little bit of adventure and danger in our lives... all in the name of keeping life interesting... But isn't picking the bad guy the wrong choice? I'm sure there comes a time in life where you just want to settle down and cut back on the adventure... will mister-I'll-steal-your-heart-by-being-a-bad-guy be the right guy for you?

All I'm saying is that I think the nice guy should be given a chance to finish first... don't you think?

Signing out.