Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back in Action, Sorta...

Hey guys, I've been uber busy lately trying to get my life back on track while constantly getting off track... Woah that statement sounded rather oxymoronic... Anyways, still no jobs yet, after graduating for more than half a year... So if anyone has a position for me, I'm more than happy to listen to offers! I'm very versatile!

On another note, took a leaf out of Takashi's book and went ahead and did a Lesmills Module, so now I'm a certified instructor-in-training. When I get back I'll have to go and beg Takashi to let me shadow his classes!!! Thanks in advance yea.

Well, apart from that nothings been going on... Read about the "Clean" rallies going on in Malaysia and all over the world, and shamefully I missed the one here in Melbourne. I'm such a bad Malaysian... I know. Have thought that I've ran out of things to say on this blog and want to make it slightly more political so that I can say more... Not too sure on that yet.

he looks like he supports the Clean rallies too

Just wanted to drop in to say I'm still alive, still single and still jobless!

Signing out.