Monday, April 16, 2012

A Mic for Christmas

Well, since starting a new job recently, I've been super busy... hence the super duper ultra belated blog update... but today's post will be a rant about one of the dates I've been on recently.

Picture this...

Sample of cute guy

You meet this cute guy on a social networking site... he looks hot and cute, two ridiculously superficial qualities I can't help but like, and sounds like a decent person when exchanging messages. So then you swap numbers with him and arrange to go out for dinner together...

Everything seems perfect, until you finally meet up, and the thing I say most, on what I consider to be the first date, is none other than: "huh?" and "what?".

Mind you that isn't in response to something crazy or outrageous that he said... rather its because I can't hear him half of the time. That is seriously a real turn off!

Boys, speak up! If I wanted to date a chirping sparrow... I would have done that... although I wouldn't know what we would do in the bedroom. I find it an absolute turn off when guys just whisper their answers... how can we have a decent conversation if I can't hear your responses? Am I scaring you that much that you can't find your voice.

Err... Hello! We aren't in a library okay... you don't have to lower your voice and whisper... The only signal I get from a guy that doesn't talk with a normal volume is that he lacks confidence... and some guys may like a timid, quiet, barely audible boyfriend...(14th century men: women are meant to be seen not heard? or was it slaves?) but not me. I think conversation and communication is important, so if we can't have that, then I don't think anything is going to work out.

Hey, this was just a dinner meet up... Imagine if we were doing some other extra curricular activities together,

"More? Do you want more?"


"huh? what did you say?" (for the kinkier readers, no he isn't gagged -.-)


“huh? I cant hear you…”

Well there goes the mood, turn off man...

mind you I was asking him if he wanted to do more reps...

Word of advice boys, speak up, confidence attracts!

Signing out.