Sunday, November 15, 2009

Of Outings and Punk Asses

Its been exam season lately, so that’s why I haven’t been posting anything new here on my board. Well Saturday night was a friend’s birthday, and he was one of the first few gay friends I knew… so I totally felt obligated to attend his birthday outing despite it being the middle of exams. Well, I think after all that revision, and the occasional slacking, I deserve a short break and a night to let loose.

So the birthday plan was to have dinner at this fancy restaurant on Chapel Street, then head down to one of the gay bars that had a drag show, so that the birthday boy can be dragged up the stage :) and after that, we would all hit Commercial Road, where the Melbourne gay scene is.

Well needless to say that since it was a birthday, there was quite a turn out for the event… there was an entourage of 13 people around the birthday boy. Well if a crowd is that big, there is bound to be people you like and people you hate, right? And yup, there was someone there that night that I really disliked. And I think it was the fact that he was around that I couldn’t have a proper good time. With him around, I cant totally relax and have to put up a shield around me so that his hurtful comments wouldn’t get to me. Its not only tiring, but annoying at the same time. Gosh I wish there was a button you could push and a hole would open up in the sky and sucked all these punk asses in.

Anyway as we were hitting all the gay bars and clubs last night, there were a lot of hot and cute guys around, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel attracted to them hot ones. But… I know the limit of my own attractiveness and if I only go for the big fishes, the beautiful ones, this lil bear may never end up eating anything. So, yea I do go for the averagely cute ones as well, just because I know my own capabilities and don’t wanna bite more than I can chew.

Biting more than I can chew :P

But you see, with Mr punk ass around… I feel obligated to only approach all the super hot and super cute guys, because I don’t want to hear him say things like, “is that all you can do Luke?” so all night I tried to hook them big fishies… but failed miserably. Sigh… I should have just been myself and went for the ones that I can hook…. Right? But no… I didn’t wanna look weak and like a loser in front of punk ass… so I had to put up an act.

Gosh… it was so annoying having him around. Its like having to pretend to be straight around my straight friends, just that I’m pretending to be a gay ‘A-lister’ when I most certainly barely made B-list… Sigh… maybe next time I should just tell my friends that if they want punk ass to tag along with them… don’t invite me. But then again, what kind of a person would I be if I made my friends choose like that. Sigh.

What oh what can I do? I guess I could just pretend that he isn’t there and be myself even with him around. Although the last thing I want is appear to be weak around him. Because he isn’t like a real friend that would take sympathy on your sad stories, he is like a savage lion that pounces and attacks anything weak. Grrrh…. I hate people like that.

I don’t know, I guess yea I can pretend he isn’t there and just be myself, or… I can hire a hit man and take him out… put the world out of its misery (of him) once and for all… WAhahahaha!

Signing out.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Twee Vaders

Woah, the weather in Melbourne has been unbearable lately. The day before it reached a top of 34 degrees Celsius… and I don’t have air-conditioning in my old apartment building. Sigh, how sad.

Well the one good thing about the weather is that people are now wearing less and less :) Lots of guys are just wearing shorts and singlets on the street. Great eye candy :P

Well, today’s post is on a heart touching video that captured my heart, quite a while back. I just recently watched it again and it melted my heart again. All I can say is that after watching that video, if I ever grow up to be a father… I would certainly hope that my child would be as proud of me and his other dad like that kid in the video.

I wonder if this day would ever come for Malaysia, whereby a kid can sing about his/her two dads or moms… By the way if you guys were wondering, the video was from Holland.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Getting A DNA test

With exams just round the corner, I decided to de-stress myself a little… so I went out and bought my very first gay magazine – DNA. It is Aussie’s best selling gay magazine for gay people :)

Well, I must commend myself for my bravery in actually purchasing the gay magazine, as you can see on the cover of the mag… there is a very hot guy there, and I think a picture is worth a thousand words, that cover really screams “Gay Mag!” I was a bit embarrassed when paying for it, luckily it was a lady… and she even asked me if I needed anything else… haha a pack of condoms please? LoL

Here’s a few more snap shots of the magazine I took with my trusty hand phone.

Signing out.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Clean Room

Its been a busy few weeks lately… What with all my assignments due over the final few weeks of this semester. And now its study break, called ‘swot-wac’ here in aussie-land, whereby we get a week of holiday between the final day of teaching and the first day of exams. So yea, exams start next week, and once again I’ll be pretty caught up these few weeks with my revision stuff… or rather I should be pretty caught up…

Revision period is when I realise I procrastinate the most… for example, yesterday I rearranged my wardrobe and also cleaned out my room, something I haven’t done in ages. Yes, I’ve noticed that its become somewhat of a trend… my room is always cleaner during revision period: because that is the period in which I always find other ‘more important’ things to do so that I don’t have to do my boring old revision.

On the other note, I decided to do a sort of ‘voice-over’ of my previous blog entry… reading out what I write. I guess my English has very much deteriorated since I left high school… whereby we were made to write much more creative essays, not just boring engineering and experimental report which is pretty much all I write of late (for school).

Well, I decided to read out my blog mainly because I felt that I wasn’t using my punctuations properly. Well… my blog is more of a verbal conversation (in writing) rather than a passage written for plain reading purposes. So yea, I decided to read it out so that u can visualise, or rather ‘audio-ise’ how I’m trying to make my entries sound :) Hopefully that worked out great, LoL.

Signing out.

Monday, November 2, 2009

White Lies

Telling a white lie sometimes is good isn’t it? I mean, if you can lie to another person for a good cause… isn’t the lie justified then? I always believe in white lies… but at the same time I also believe honesty is the best policy. Sounds impossible to work out both ways… well I’ll tell you how it works out; I believe in white lies when I have to tell them, and I believe in honesty in the sense that other people should always be honest with me and never lie. Hahaha… How hypocritical right? Sigh… I guess that’s just me sometimes.

I was recently lied to by a friend. It was sort of a while lie, cause he didn’t want me to worry about him and ask him a tonne of questions. Anyway, the story goes like this… this friend of mine was suppose to go on a holiday trip out of town to 2 different cities. Before he left, we met up briefly for some drinks… and he told me that he is meeting a ‘friend’ in the first destination, and then they would be travelling together in both the first and the second city. Btw, just to clear things up, this friend of mine is gay of course, and when I say ‘he was meeting a friend’ I meant someone he met online.

Well, that was his story before the trip… and even during the trip when I sent him some text messages… this ‘friend’ of his was mentioned a few times. And then all of a sudden after his trip, when we caught up for coffee, his story changed to, “oh, I was living with family in the first town, then went to the second town alone, oh I had a great time!”

I was thinking to myself, you had a great time? That’s mighty fine, but in the back of my mind I kept wondering why is he changing his story, and why is he lying to me??? So he has a boyfriend, so he went on holiday with another guy. Fine, I know he doesn’t like his boyfriend very much anyway, and they aren’t getting along well… but it just kept playing in my mind over and over again while we were having coffee ‘why did he feel he had to lie to me?’

Anyway, not one to let things rest when they don’t seem right… I approached him on msn a few days later and tried to clarify things with him honestly. I told him I honestly don’t like being lied to, and honestly feel that I’m too young to have my memory fail me at this stage in life. So I asked him why did he feel the need to lie to me about the before and after details of his trip.

We had a very honest conversation, and he told me that he changed the story for everyone else as well (not just me) because he didn’t want anyone judging him. He was still with his boy friend, and they were on the rocks, so he needed time away. And he didn’t want other people judging him for going on holiday with someone else, someone he technically only knows online. So yea, I sorta understand where he is coming from… but I told him that he can be honest with me, and don’t feel that he has to lie to me just because he feels I will judge him :) I’m glad we had that conversation though, cause now as friends we are much closer.

So guys out there, honesty is important and so are white lies… but when u accidentally mix them both up and cant remember who you were honest to and who you lied to… things can get pretty complicated. Luckily I was just a close friend of his… not his boy friend… LoL

Signing out.