Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back in Action, Sorta...

Hey guys, I've been uber busy lately trying to get my life back on track while constantly getting off track... Woah that statement sounded rather oxymoronic... Anyways, still no jobs yet, after graduating for more than half a year... So if anyone has a position for me, I'm more than happy to listen to offers! I'm very versatile!

On another note, took a leaf out of Takashi's book and went ahead and did a Lesmills Module, so now I'm a certified instructor-in-training. When I get back I'll have to go and beg Takashi to let me shadow his classes!!! Thanks in advance yea.

Well, apart from that nothings been going on... Read about the "Clean" rallies going on in Malaysia and all over the world, and shamefully I missed the one here in Melbourne. I'm such a bad Malaysian... I know. Have thought that I've ran out of things to say on this blog and want to make it slightly more political so that I can say more... Not too sure on that yet.

he looks like he supports the Clean rallies too

Just wanted to drop in to say I'm still alive, still single and still jobless!

Signing out.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Class Havoc

Havoc in First Class

So I recently watched X-men: First Class. Though the show wasn't really a first class show, it was decently made, and I'd definitely recommend everyone to check it out.

Personally I felt that there was an undeniable attempt to portray an underlying love between Magneto and ProfX, beyond that of bromance. And it was kinda funny to watch it... because to a gay dude, those two are surely in love with each other...

On a side note, I love the whole "mutants need acceptance" theme... It sort of mirrors us gays in trying to gain the acceptance of society. Although ours is not a genome defect like mutants, disclaimer in case I get letters by some GLBT activists, we are still pretty much the same in that we are different from the general community and we're struggling to gain acceptance and acknowledgement.

Cut ain't he? I'm soo getting that hoodie vest now!

Ohh... and goodness gracious me is Lucas Till cute in this movie! Lucas (not me, but the actor) plays Alex Summers, a.k.a Havoc. He would be the younger brother of Cyclops in the mainstream X-men, and somehow appears in this movie before Cyclops. As someone who likes X-men, I find it weird that they should introduce Havoc before Cyclops in First Class... but I'm certainly not complaining about the eye candy... He is cute! Oh and for those of you who thinks he is familiar, he plays the dude in the "You Belong With Me" video for Taylor Swift :)

Lucas in the MTV

Anyway guys, go watch the movie!

Signing out.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are You Going Bananes?

So if you’re gay and reading this… the first think you should see in that picture is not the cute guy, but the Hermes Birkin Bag. The bag made obviously by Hermes is one of the world’s most sort after hand carries for women, and a lot of gays… Apparently they cost up to a hundred thousand American dollars, with the cheapest one being at least a grand.

They come in different colours, here's a light blue one

Quick background info… the bag is always hand crafted and was first made after the celebrity Jane Birkin, hence the name. Well, I have never seen one in real life… and don’t really think it matters that much to me; but to a lot of people out there, it is a very coveted status symbol. It is said that even if you have money you may not get a Birkin, because the waiting list for it is apparently a couple of years.

So anyway, this post isn’t just about the Birkin but more about the Banane Bag. Oh man… Asian entrepreneurs are genius, we don’t waste time inventing. Rather time is spent on innovating and mass producing functional products that are already working in the market. Hence I present to you the Banane Bag.

Check it out, even the advertising seems like a xerox

It is pretty much the image of something that resembles the Birkin Bag on a canvas bag. Hahaha… Its hilarious… And it sells for less than 1 percent of the Birkin. The inventors of the Banane claims that it isn’t a Birkin rip off because it is a whole new product of its own, and it’s also supposedly environmentally friendly because it’s made of canvas and not leather.

Bananes comes in all colours as well, and here is a similar light blue one

Expect to see more of this bag flooded in the market, I reckon this may finally mark the end of the LongChamp bag… They were seriously everywhere…

Not sure why, but this was everywhere at one time

Well even Marc Jacobs carries a Birkin and not a Marc Jacobs bag… LoL, I do wonder if he’ll be caught carrying a Banane Bag?

MJ with his Birkin

Signing out

Monday, May 30, 2011

Virtual Games

I don’t have an iPhone, unlike some of the more financially lucky guys… but on my 23rd birthday my friends all chipped in and bought me an iPod touch, so… I do have the luxury to some of the apps produced for the mobile device.

The first game I was hooked on was 'Angry birds'… I was hooked on it not because I really liked it… but more because I was more kiasu and didn’t wanna lose ma' eggs to those stupid swine… Finally finished it a few months back… :D

The other puzzle like game that got my attention was 'Cut the rope'… Now this I felt was much more interactive than angry birds… as it really requires good timing and some co-ordination.

Cut the ropes to navigate the candy into the cute lil monster's belly

Just the other day, as I was browsing through new apps to download… it came to my attention that EA games are having a sale on their games. So I downloaded the SIMS3 at a heavily discounted price… I’m having some real fun with it… because apparently you can have gay marriages in the game :)

My character Tyler

My character (Tyler) is currently married to this culinary chef called Luke… how ironic right... And they do seem happily married… The only problem is, I don’t know how to get him to move in with me, and don’t know how to adopt kids…

The love of Tyler's life Luke

So I guess the game creators really need to think about giving gay couples in the game the option to adopt. All in all, the gay factor in the game makes it fun… definitely worth trying since its still currently heavily discounted. Haha.

Signing out

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do I Know You?

Every time someone I know forgets my name, I die a little. It could be someone I know from the club, from gym or from some party… but when I say hi to them elsewhere and they say, ‘Do I know you?’ I die a little.

Even when I can name them and they acknowledge that that is indeed their name, but when they still can’t identify me, I die a little more.

And when I can name where I have met them and they acknowledge that they were indeed there, but reply, ‘Don’t remember you there though’, I die yet a little more.

Its situations like this that makes one feel insignificant, almost invisible. You go to the trouble to introduce yourself , and even make an effort to remember some stranger’s name, yet this ungrateful ‘acquaintance’ just forgets your very existence by nonchalantly saying, ‘Do I know you?’

Grr...! the next time you don’t intend to remember my name, please for fucks sake don’t fucking ask for it.

And trust me, you won’t see me introducing myself to anyone if they don’t ask me… coz I’ve reached the stage where I really can’t be bothered anymore.

Signing out.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Camp Be A Man (not from Mulan)

To the readers of this blog, I have been offered the chance of a lifetime to change! And so can you!

Our very own education department from Terengganu has offered a course to cure effeminate guys. Sixty-six lucky boys have already been hand-picked for the first intake. I hope they are cute, otherwise the course co-ordinators won’t be having much fun… I’m genuinely surprised they only picked sixty-six, and not a more auspicious number like sixty-nine.

Here’s the article
KUALA TERENGGANU: The state Education Department has sent 66 schoolboys with effeminate tendencies to a camp aimed at helping them behave in a proper manner.

"The four-day camp in Besut, the first-ever to be held here, started yesterday. It is to help address the problem afflicting secondary schoolboys.

"They were listed by their schools who were instructed last year to identify students who displayed feminine qualities," said department director Razali Daud.

He said the remedial effort was prompted by the rising number of effeminate schoolboys in the state.
"The severity of the symptoms vary, but the 66 schoolboys were showing behaviours that is not usually displayed by a normal male of their age."

Razali said the link between effeminate behaviour among male students and transsexuality should be a matter of concern that should not be ignored.

"As educators, we have to do something about it before the young ones misunderstand people and reach the point of no return.

"We are not intervening with the process of nature as we are merely trying to guide these students to a proper path in life."

The students will be attending physical education and religious classes conducted by motivational speakers.

"The students must understand that there are choices in life and we want them to know all the options available to them.

"We understand that some people end up as mak nyah (transvestite) or a homosexual, but we will do our best to limit the number."

Razali said parents and teachers should observe the slightest effeminate tendency in their male children from an early age.

"If left unchecked, it could become a problem later in life for them, their families and society."

I remember watching Latter days where they try to cure homosexuality with aversion therapy… OMG it was damn damn damn hot! The scene, and the dude of course… not the therapy.

Anyway, shame on you people, picking on vulnerable little confused boys… how small can you be to be picking on them. Maybe after they check out your small junks, they may be cured of all homosexuality… thinking all cocks are that minute. Be a MAN and accept that homosexuality is here, and just deal with it! Don’t take it out on the young ones.

Anyway, it’s a four day course… one day for each ‘base’. Wahaha… this post isn’t a joke by the way… this is really happening out there… check out the link your self.

Signing out.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


All over the world, same-sex couples are feeling the crunch because they are restricted from having children of their own. Whether its religious groups or a political candidate trying to garner support, there is always a shit load of people out there that love spending their free time denying same-sex couples the rights to parenthood. Some even claim that gays and lesbians can’t be good parents.

Well good parenting doesn’t remotely depend on the sexual orientation of the parents, but rather depends on how they are as a person. Same-sex parents can be as good or as bad as any hetero parents, and that is a fact…

When I was back in Malaysia, I was having dinner in one of the ice-cream parlours, and to my disgust I saw a young family with a boy no older than four summers old dining as well. I wasn’t disgusted because they were breeders with a child while homos are denied that basic right… rather the fact that the child had a hand-held console all throughout the dining process irked me.

These parents were obviously not at all fit, because they clearly gave the little kid a Nintendo to play so that they can have a peaceful quiet meal. This is BAD PARENTING 101, exposing a child that young to video games is only paving the way for lifelong social ineptness and bad eyesight.

Another thing I personally saw that took my breath away for all the wrong reasons was this:

Can you believe the nerve of that parent, pushing the toddler around in a stroller with a DVD player? Seriously even if the kid doesn’t grow up with a television addiction, he is bound to be at the very least harmed by the radiation of that mobile player.

The bottom line is that parents are good or bad for a variety of reasons, their own upbringing, stress level at work or for the simple reason of being plain ignorant. The once reason I’m sure cannot be directly linked to bad parenting is being gay.

Signing out.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back For Now

So I’m still here, well and good. Having recently graduated I’ve been a little lost lately, so I guess that’s why I went missing in action here on my blog. But I’m back now, haven’t really re-found myself, but back nonetheless.

I realise now how hard it is to find a job… it is fucking hard. And now I have to deal with both employment rejection and dating rejection. Live really sucks bad sometimes…

On a lighter note, I’m now casually working as a tutor :) I’m tutoring high school kids, and that’s kind of fun. Its really rewarding when you see them learn new things you teach them.

Been thinking of doing a bunch of other stuff… In a mental debate of whether I should try and be a coffee barista or try and do an instructor course, like what Takashi did. The coffee barista course is cheaper and probably pays better; but the instructor course is fun… So yea… tough choices.

Anyway, I’m really back now, so expect a lot more weird posts very soon :)

Signing out.
(once again, after a very long time)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shower Show-er

A few of my friends have always warned me against showering in a particular fitnessfirst branch because it was sleazy... I never understood why... Until now.

I had a dinner appointment at 8 so instead of going home to shower after my usual Wednesday evening gym session, I decided to shower at the gym... It made sense, since the gym was in the city and the meeting would also be in the city.

When I first entered the showers, there was only one guy showering in one of the stalls, so I was free to pick a stall with no occupant on either side. It was then that I realised the shower stalls were indeed more opaque than the other gyms. From my stall, I can actually see a faintly clear silhouette of the guy showering in the opposite stall.

At first that was alright, so I continued with my shower... Once I was almost done with my shower... A dude walked into the stall beside me... And, he was no normal dude... Even through the frosty opaque glass separating our two shower stall, I could clearly see that he was buffed.

I was sort of finishing up my shower while trying not to stare at my left too obviously... Coz I figured if I can roughly see him 'this' clearly, then surely he can see me too. Don't wanna scare him if he batted for the 'other' team right?

Then low and behold, he started playing with himself. At first I thought he was just washing down there... Then over time i realised he was either jerking off, or trying to wash off a very stubborn dirt stain on his dick.

The sight of a hot guy showering next to me while playing with himself was just too much. Lil Lucas started to rise to the occasion... And to avoid any ambarrassing situations, I quickly finished my shower... Turned off the water... Dried myself and left the stall with a semi boner. I think if I stayed any longer I may have had to either ended my shower with a cold shower, or jerked myself off too.

I lingered a little longer in the changing area just to see who the guy was, because I recognised his multi coloured towel with foot print designs on it hanging outside his stall. Wow, the guy that walked into the change room with that towel moments later, was hawt! He had a cute face, well defined chest and abs and a very nice butt. *wipes drool*

Did I regret not giving him a hand? Not really... Because firstly I don't really know the proper etiquette of change room cruising. What if he wasn't cruising and was only looking to pleasure himself? And seriously, I'm not that sleazy to cruise in the gym's shower... The guy may have been my cup of tea, but the occasion and setting was not. So no, I don't regret not 'participating'.

Nonetheless, it was an interesting experience... Maybe I will shower there again, just to see what and how other people get it on in the shower... LoL voyeur style :p

Signing out.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Home Walls

My other big reason for staying abroad is obviously my sexuality. I do want to live closer to my parents as I am very close to them. But sometimes I find it very hard to live under the same roof with them, particularly with their conservative thoughts.

And being gay is obviously that much harder, if and I say IF, I have a boyfriend… I most certainly can’t bring him home.

Say if I could afford my own place close to my parents’ home, then that would be the most ideal situation, so that I can frequently visit them while still maintaining my own privacy when I need it.

I am certainly in no position to buy my own house yet, and there is no reason for my parents to chip in to buy me a place just so that I can move out.

why you wanna move out when you can stay at home?
why waste money to buy a new place when staying at home saves you so much?

And I’m sure if I mention renting…

staying at home is so confortable, why waste money and rent just to stay with strangers… FAMILY is always the best

So all I can really do is to save up and maybe buy my own place in the future. Frankly speaking… the starting wages in Malaysia puts me in no position to even consider buying a house… let alone getting one in the PJ area… in which I understand is very pricey at the moment. Not to mention I must also consider getting the house in a good neighbourhood with a good security guard system… LoL

Hence working overseas with a slightly higher wage, coupled with a strong foreign currency will give me much more options when I decide whether or not to settle back down in Malaysia. And if my parents don't intend to migrate with me, then I'll have to come back (to answer Will's question), as I don't wanna leave my parents alone in their old age.

A lot of people tell me that once I’ve stayed overseas a few years, I won’t want to come back anymore. That is not true, because as a Malaysian I think we are very good at adapting. Even after being abroad for six years, I’m still proud to be a Malaysian, and would gladly move back if not for all these obstacles.

Signing out.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Penjahat Menace

Initially I don’t feel the need to justify to anyone, safe for my parents, my choice to stay overseas and look for a job. But of late, especially during the Chinese New Year period, I am becoming quite unpleasantly annoyed at some of my relative’s and friends’ comments about not coming back to my home country.

“Overseas graduates like you are contributing to our brain drain…”
“Why not you come back to work here and contribute to your own economy instead of another country’s?”
“Young people like you should be more grateful and remember your roots, you are still a Malaysian and must always remember that.”

Why imagine hearing these comments time and again over the space of only a few weeks back… I’m certain even the most learned monks would at least be slightly roused up. Well I’ve decided to offload some of my steam here… sorry to those of you reading this that disagree… but I think even those that condemn my decision to stay abroad would most definitely jump at a chance to migrate if granted the opportunity.

And to begin with, I am not uprooting myself and moving to another country for good. All I am planning to do now is search for a job overseas to broaden my horizons. I am certainly very open to the option of coming back to Malaysia in the future, if my country wants me, I want him too.

Economic reasons is certainly one of the key factors in me making my decision, but as with all trilogies, I’ll save that for the last. What I’d like to talk about firstly is the general safety of our beloved country.

Having been around for a while in the neighbourhood that I’m in… my house alone has been the victim of theft a total of 4 times… thankfully all four times nobody was home and only earthly possessions were sorely missed. I however fear to even imagine the ghastly consequence of a family member being home when one of those ruthless thieves striked.

Some people may casually dismiss my unfortunate quadrupled theft to simple bad fortune, but let me assure you that this is very much a petrifying and real threat to all of us. In fact the evidence is staring at us right in the face, I have now totally lost count of the number of housing estates and neighbourhoods around the Klang Valley that have been regrettably tasked to set up and hire their own gated security force, just to sleep soundly at night.

The fact that we the citizens are required to hire our own security force is blatant distrust and lack of confidence of the authorities. And that is how we the people of Malaysia have been ‘trained’ to function, when faced with a problem… like bad social security, instead of taking it up with the people in charge… we sit back, take it up the ass, and fork out our own money to hire extra protection.

It isn’t really tackling the problem at the root, but just finding an alternative ‘temporary’ solution. But I suppose to be fair, there are a group of Malaysians that have worked hard to weed out the evil in the system, but to no avail… it seems that even now, they have only succeeded in proving that nothing can be done.

For its citizens to live a productive life and contribute to the general economic wellbeing of the country, they must firstly feel safe in whatever environment they are in. When our general safety and wellbeing is consistently and frequently challenged, its hard then to live a productive life when you always have to look over your back.

Having to hire and establish our own security and gated community is in my opinion a mild form of vigilante-ism. And vigilantes are usually only required when your city is in the slums and the authorities cannot be counted upon, whether due to a lack of hands or a lack of motivation. Corrupted cities like Gotham requires Batman and Metropolis need Superman. Having to establish our own security system is a little like that… it is a form of vigilantes.

My mom always chides me when I come home late after a late night out, and I understand that she fears for my safety when going out late. What with all the internet and sms circulating around about stories of people getting robbed and harassed at night, her fear for my safety is not unfounded. In fact, sometimes even I feel a little scared when staying out too late, but hey… I do like the occasional night out with my friends…

So I start of a series of posts on my reason of staying abroad with safety… some of you may disagree with what I have to say, but… frankly speaking, this is how I feel. And when the time is right, if I am able to convince my parents to do so, I also hope they may choose to live in a safer environment. And of course, I sincerely hope that the safe environement will be back home here in Malaysia. But a lot of work needs to be done before we can achieve that.

Safety first!

Signing out.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finger In The Door

Hmm, I had a sudden epiphany as my index finger was slammed shut into the door of my car today. Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about others and start to think of myself more.

What happened was that after an early morning gym session as I was leaving the car park, another car signalled that she wanted my place. So in I hopped to my car and tried to exit the parking spot as quickly as possible so as to not hold up the traffic waiting behind her.

Me being me, I’m usually quite a clumsy person, so in my rush to exit quickly, I kinda slammed the tip of my index finger in the car door. OUCH! Seriously OUCH! Luckily it was only the tip… hence there wasn’t much damage to the finger. Much…

On my drive home, I started to wonder, why the fuck should I care about exiting the parking spot quickly in the first place? She wanted the spot, so she should be patient and wait for it. And screw all the other cars waiting behind her… But then I think of all the times I wait forever behind a car coming out of a parking spot because he/she takes their own sweet time while holding up the traffic and is wasting everyone else’s time. And I seriously don’t want to be one of those mother fuckers that waste others’ time…

Sigh… is it true that I sometimes put the priorities of others ahead of my own priorities? I don’t know the answer to that… but what I do know is that after slamming my finger in today… I’m going to start to be more careful, and not hurt myself in the process just to please others.

I guess getting my finger squashed is also partly my own clumsy fault… but seriously, in my defence, I would have certainly have been more careful and less clumsy if I wasn’t in a hurry.

This reminds me of the bridge in Sara Bareilles’ song ‘King of Anything’. The bridge goes something like:

All my life I’ve tried to make everybody happy
While I just hurt and hide
Waiting for someone to tell me it’s my turn to decide

Its a very nice song, with a catchy tune. You guys and gals should check it out :)

Signing out.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Poster of Luv

Happy Lunar new year of the Rabbit!

I'm currently back in my home town to celebrate the new year with my family and friends, and over the weekend decided to hit the usual watering hole in the heart of kl city - MP. Went with a few gay friends, and despite it being a Chinese new year weekend, there were still quite a number of guys there.

The one thing that really caught my eye in MP was the valentine day poster! Omg, it was a picture of Goku and Vegeta together... one of the two main characters of the classic manga, Dragon Ball!

When I was a kid, not too long ago I assure you, I use to read Dragon Ball all the time. In fact I have literally the whole collection of the manga in the malay language version. And... I have always fantasized about those two characters getting it on! and Woah!

Here's MP's Valentine Day's flyer!

Haha... This is one of those celeb couples like one of my previous post that I secretly (now not soo much a secret anymore) hoped for. Check out the poster, and if you're a Dragon Ball fan, I'm sure it'll turn you on :p Goku and Vegeta together is almost as awesome as Naruto and Sasuke together. Wahahaha!

Here's Goku with his Saiyan alter ego Kakaroct... kind of a CNY tribute to my eyes :P

Signing out.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oysters Makes You Grow Horns

I’ve been thinking a lot about aphrodisiacs, and one of the more well-known one is the oyster. So oysters are supposed to make a person feel more hyped up about sex, and want it more. Well that is what an aphrodisiac is right? To in some sense make a person sort of horny.

So this certainly made me think, have I ever felt hornier after consuming oyster products? A lot of Chinese cooking uses oysters as an ingredient. Dishes such as the oyster omelette, a.k.a. “Ohh Zhien”, Dumplings, a.k.a. “Zhang” and also seafood noodles, do add oysters in. Also oyster sauce, is a very common marinade and flavouring in Chinese food is found in heaps of other Chinese dishes. So I can’t help but ask myself if I felt any more, hornier after eating them.

The answer is most certainly: not really. So then I start to think… why is oyster considered an aphrodisiac, is there a particular chemical compound within the sea crustacean that heightens our sex drive? And if there really is such a chemical compound within the oyster, why hasn’t a major pharmaceutical tried to extract it and market it as a substitute to Viagra, a multi-billion dollar industry…

Did some light reading on the net and found that some people reckon oysters increases one’s horny-ness because it supposedly smells like pussy. Yes you heard me right, pussy. I sure hope this piece of information doesn’t deter any of you from oysters, coz even as I type this out now, I still luv oysters… Although I seriously doubt they do smell like an actual cunt.

Anyway, if this whole pussy and oyster thing has any truth to it, does that mean that oysters only work as an aphrodisiac on straight guys and dykes? Does it not work on gay guys whom prefer ass and cock? LoL! A little something to ponder on guys, next time you want to order those expensive air flown oyster entrees to try to get into a guy’s pants, think twice… the oysters may have no effect on him at all.

To all the Chinese out there, Happy Chinese new year to you! And remember to eat more dried oysters, as the Cantonese pronunciation of dried oysters means “good things”, hence it will be at the very least auspicious to consume them oysters, even if they don’t make you any hornier.

Signing out.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

MidSumma Fever

So, I’ve been getting more into the gay scene nowadays, despite not being out at all to most of my friends. My most recent gayscapade is to the midsumma festival in Melbourne. And if you’re wondering… I’m sure gayscapade is a word right? Or at least it should be!

Midsumma is a queer festival held annually in the city of Melbourne, it is over a period of time in which a wide range of queer themed activities are held all over the beautiful city of Melbourne. The two main events would be the carnival on the first day, and the pride parade on the very last weekend of the festival.

I wouldn’t be in the city for the pride parade, something of a waste… coz I heard its very awesome: meaning there are lots of hot topless guys usually… Ahaha, how shallow right? Anyway, as I said I’ll be missing the pride parade, but what I did attend is the carnival on the first day of the festival.

I went to the carnival with a few friends… yea only a few, I realise I don’t have many close gay friends, something I intend to change :p anyway, yea we hung out together a little at the carnival, which was held by the river side.

And literally hundreds and hundreds of gays came out to play :) It was a very nice event to attend, just knowing that there are so many of us out there is really comforting. You kinda get this feeling that, hey we’re not alone here. Some people even brought their kids along, I was thinking to myself ‘gosh, what liberal parents!’

Anyway pictures are of the carnival in which I took with my modest phone. And, I’ll be back home for the Chinese New Year festive season. Hooray!

Signing out.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hours In Years

This month is a very significant month of my life, it is the year I hit in which the number of hours in a day is in tandem with the number of summers I’ve seen. This means I can put into clear perspective what exactly I’ve done in the past few years of my early life.

Let’s see, being Malaysian, food is always flowing in my blood… So l’m gonna start off this statistic count with food. Assuming I spend twenty minutes in the morning eating breatfast, an hour for lunch and an hour for dinner… On average I spend two hours and twenty minutes eating. That means I spend around two years and four months in my past life, just eating.

Next showering, coming from a tropical country that is predominantly very humid… I tend to bathe at least two to three times daily. So assume I take roughly fifteen minutes to shower and I shower twice daily, that’s half an hour spend every day just showering. In yearly terms, I’ve spend six months of my life just showering :)

And sleeping, I sleep an average of seven hours a day, so that means I’ve slept seven years of my life away. Haha, how long did Rip Wan Winkle sleep again…?

Next is schooling, From pre-school (daycare and kindergarten) to secondary its about six hours a day for five days a week, hence lets average that out to four hours a day, and in uni I usually have about twenty over contact hours a week, so lets average that out to four hours a day. So this roughly adds up to me being in some sort of education facility an average of four years in the years I’ve been alive.

I spend at least two hours a day watching tv that is for sure, with all the tv dramas, both Chinese and English that I watch… That equals up to about two consecutive years of watching tv, wow :P This is just tv, I probably spend an average of at least two hours a day on the computer ever since I got my first computer, with games, ICQ, Friendster, Facebook, P**n, MSN, youtube and the likes. LoL, that’s roughly two years of consecutively sitting in front of the computer in the past few years of my life.

I’m gonna leave out the part about pooping and jerking off to your own imagination, but as a young guy going through puberty, all I can say is that during my younger days, I did it more than once daily… If you do your math properly, that could potentially add up to a lot… ahahaha

Lumping up the hours spent everyday into years kinda puts it into perspective how much time is wasted by doing things that are unproductive. Looking back, spending at least two hours of my life watching tv is probably one of the best time wasters. Although in my defence, watching tv is a way to improve my social life, as when I meet with friends, we talk and chat about what the latest development in our favourite tv program is. We also talk about hot guys and girls in the programs, so I guess watching tv is a form of ‘preparing’ to socialise. LoL… weak defence I know… but worth a shot.

Signing out.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Slouching Resolutions

Quite a lot of people have been coming up with their new year’s resolution lately, but I seemed to have started this year off with not many resolutions in my head. The most obvious resolution would be for me to find a job, as life is not very fulfilling when you are jobless and always having to watch your spending… so I went in search for my 2011 resolution, something easy but not too easy…

Now that the Christmas and new year period has mostly blown over, almost everything in the city is back to normal, most of the shops are back open, including the gym. For those of you that don’t know, Christmas and new year here is a lil bit like Chinese new year and Hari Raya back home, EVERYTHING closes.

So I’ve started to get back into my gym schedule and doing extra cardio to burn of all that extra weight gained over the holidays. At the gym, someone commented about me having bad posture while lifting, and also bad posture while just standing around. And it was at that moment that I realised I’ve found my resolution.

I’m resolved this year to correct my posture problem! Its not an impossible task, as I’m sooo over setting impossible resolutions, stuff such as: buying a house, getting a hot boyfriend, becoming king of the world! LoL, it makes no sense when you make resolutions you can’t fulfil.

Anyway, my main resolution related to health this year is not to lose more weight or to get that six pack, I just don’t have the six pack genes okay, what I want to do is to correct my hunching posture.

Thought not many of you know me, I do hunch and slouch quite a bit, and that is bad, as I may very well end up looking like Quasimodo from the hunch back of Notredome, and though he may be kind hearted… his looks are kinda a scare.

So resolution this year!!!

Bye bye slouching!
Bye bye hunching!
And Hullo good posture!

Signing out.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Branded Mania

Hey everyone, first post on the 11th on 2011 ! Today is 11/1/11 an auspicious day for me to start my first blog post of the year!

One of my friend once said you must not wear something like ‘that’ to a club, it looks cheap… and nobody likes a cheap dude. By that, he meant a simple Giordano shirt. I was like, are you serious?

Why issit that gay people are so brand conscious? I once asked a straight friend carrying a Gucci wallet, with an LV key chain and a Zegna sunnies, are you sure you’re not gay? He then came out to me a few months later.

Did some thinking as usual, and I suppose people are attracted to branded goods because it emits a type of aura. A guy wearing something so expensive must be more classy and refined than a guy wearing a cheap twenty dollar shirt right?

But what if I can’t afford the expensive shirt and starved myself by eating instant noodles everyday just so I can save up for that Armani shirt and wear it to the club? Sure on the surface other people will see me as the classy branded dude coz of my awesome Armani shirt, but on the inside I could be the very same dude that abused my own body by eating cheap unhealthy food just so I can spend my money on an expensive shirt. Still classy meh? Still think I’m sexy knowing I did that just to don an Armani shirt?

Honestly this sort of exterior ‘wrapping’ doesn’t only limit itself to clubs, try walking into one of the branded stores in the city, if you’re in Melbourne- Collins Street; in Malaysia- Pavillion or KLCC. If you’re not wearing anything branded, those saIes assistants won’t even look at you, let alone help you if you want to buy anything. I mean sure I may not be able to afford anything in there now, but I still am a potential customer, in the future I may be able to afford it… right? LoL. Can’t you be a little more friendly to me? Seriously, you don’t even own the shop you work in… you’re only working there, as a customer service personnel, I’m sure it can’t hurt to be more friendly.

I mean, I could be poor as I’m not wearing anything branded walking into your store, but maybe I saved up by eating instant noodles for the past three months so I can by something from your branded store, now you don’t wanna serve me? LoL

I am gay, and I ADMIT I LOVE branded stuff too, but I like to think I don’t go overboard with my craziness of branded goodness.

Ahahah, I can already hear some of you folks screaming in front of the screen saying you don’t buy branded goods because they make you look rich and classy but because they are better in fitting and quality. Yes… that is something I can’t argue with, I’m sure if you paid sooo much more for it, it must be of better quality right? The last time I checked, branded stuff were also made in China… LoL. But to look down on another guy just coz he is wearing a cheap shirt… that’s not very nice… I mean he could be very good in bed despite not wearing a branded skinny jeans… right? Wahahaha
Signing out.