Monday, June 28, 2010

How Much Would You Learn?

How far will you be willing to go in order to find your better half? Had this conversation with a friend the other day… what do I mean by that? For example if you liked a certain stereotype of guy, how far would you go in order to get closer to that particular community of stereotype? In particular would you learn the language?

For example if you like Japanese stereotypes… the same guys you always see in Japanese porn… would you go the extra mile to learn the Japanese language? Would you learn to make certain Japanese dishes… to attract a Japanese boyfriend?

On the other hand if you liked latino stereotypes… Will you be wiling to learn Spanish? And what do I mean by latino sterotypes? I guess its your usual Spanish looking hunk or latin American looking hunk!

I get the feeling my friend (the one I was having this conversation with) likes the typical blond haired blue eyes stereotype… that is very much my type as well :p so in terms of a blond haired blue eyed stereotype, would you be wiling to learn a European language such as german or French to get closer to that sort of stereotype?

Of course apart from leaning their language, you can also learn to cook their dishes, or watch their movies/ books, so that you can better strike up an intellectual conversation with them…

Here I have just covered the regional stereotypes, but nonetheless there are a lot more... would you watch star trek and star wars if you were into geeky stereotypes? Or would you watch sports in order to attract the masculine straight acting type of guys? Would you learn to surf if you like the typical surfer boy types? And would you try to learn more about wine culture if you liked the pretentious preppy type boys? Of course not to leave Takashi out, if you like the gym-bunny stereotype, would you start going to the gym more often? To either lift weights or join group fitness classes?

I guess the list goes on and on… and you can go all out of your element to learn a brand new subculture and/or language, just to attract the type of guy you like. But is that worth it in the long run? Maybe to satisfy a temporary lust, but would connecting with someone from a completely different culture or speaks a totally different language be feasible in the long run? I guess it depends which school of thought you subscribe to… opposite attracts? Or guys from the same community/culture would be able to communicate better in the long run?

I personally believe in a mix, not too much similarities and also not too polar in terms of differences, I think that is the best mix for a successful relationship.

Signing out.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Common Gay Asian Predicament

I have very much enjoyed the local food here so far since my trip back, and the weather hasn’t been too bad as well. The one thing I find very difficult to deal with is my mom. She has been bringing up one subject time and again over the past few days…

“Why don’t you have a girlfriend yet?”

“Do you mean to say you cant find a good girl over in Melbourne?”

This trip back in particular, my mom has been trying to pry in to the fact that I still don’t have a girlfriend. I’m starting to think that she really feels I am gay, and that she is now trying to pressure me into getting a girlfriend by her incessant asking.

In the past there was a time when she saw stuff on my computer that may have prompted her to guess my sexuality, but I thought that has blown over and that she has already forgotten about that. Now more so than ever, with her constant questioning about my single-ness, I think she has yet to forget that incident where she saw a few ‘guy’ pictures on my computer. (very mild ones)

Frankly I have a lot of trouble dealing with this particular question of hers. All I can answer her for now is that no girl finds me attractive, and also that I want to concentrate on my last year and have no time for a girlfriend. This is in part true... if you apply it to a boy, because so far I haven't attracted any guy attention nor am I actually actively looking for one... for now... if it comes it comes...

Hopefully in the future when my mom is ready for it, and when I'm ready for it, I can tell her the truth that I'm looking for a bf, not a gf

If my mom still persistently question me over the next few days on this issue, then I think I’m gonna have to pull the sympathy card on her. I sorta have it all planned out… If she still asks me about a girlfriend, I might answer her,

“mom, can you not keep asking me about a girlfriend? I have been trying all semester to get one, and still cant find one, so I’m already quite dejected about the girlfriend issue… so can you please stop asking me about it so that I don’t feel miserable?”

So it might work if I hint to her that I was rejected by a girl and am quite depressed on the whole girlfriend issue… that way she might drop the issue if I’m lucky.

Signing out.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I live!!!

I'm still here... for those of you that's wondering :) Just finished my exams... what a gruesome three weeks that was. The last paper I took, was easily the hardest, because it connected all the concepts I learned in the past four years and condensed them into a single exam paper, whereby you literally had to know EVERYTHING.

I think that last paper was dumb in a way, because there was so much material covered... and yet we weren't allowed to bring in any notes. Yea... how realistic mister examiner... as if in the future I'm gonna design a distillation tower off the top of my head without refering to anything at all... How bloody unrealistic.

On a lighter note, I'm flying back to Malaysia tomorrow :) yay! which leaves me just today to enjoy since my exam ended yesterday. Well the cool thing was I caught up with Evann for brunch, during his trip down here to Melby, so that was fun. In a tour to sort of 'show off' my uni :p ... I actually stepped into my Uni's Queer Space for the very first time in my life.

All thanks to Evann, now I can at least say I've seen what the gay department of my uni looks like from the inside. And I also learned wat a Dam is... Might give a more insightful post once I learn more about it. Don't beat me to it Evann...

Haha... So yea, I'll be back in Malaysia for a while during my holidays... And *hint hint* always free if anyone wanna buy me drinks :P

Signing out.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Knowing Your Fuck

Is it perfectly okay with having friends just for sex? Well I’m not talking about friends with benefits… but more like people you know purely for sex, more like a sex contact.

In my understanding, friends with benefits, FWB, are people you know and can hang out with as friends… but also do have a non-romantic sexual relationship with. And a sex contact, SC, is someone you meet purely for sexual relationships, outside of sex, you guys want nothing to do with each other at all.

As a disclaimer, I currently neither have a FWB nor a SC, but have been speaking to friends about it and it kinda got me thinking…. I was wondering how could you actually have sex with someone you do not feel any emotion for other than lust?

In that sense a SC is a turn off for me because I find it very hard to make luv with a guy I know nothing about apart from his package, his six-pack and bubble butt. Even if we’re just gonna be FWB, I suppose I have to at least get to know you a little before I actually do it with you. I don’t want the relationship to be a meet-hi-fuck-shower-bye kind of relationship.

At least lets go for dinner, or a coffee and talk a little, get to know each other before we actually fuck, that’s the way I like to go about it. Then if we both feel sexually attracted, then yea lets do it :) With that said, FWBs are a sensitive space… you guys are definitely friends… but you can never be close friends. Because frankly once you’ve fucked someone… things change. I suppose that is also one of the reasons I don’t just try to make all my hot friends around me a FWB, coz I most certainly treasure their friendships and do not want it to become weird. Haha that’s me being conceited to think that my friends find me attractive enough to sleep with in the first place :p

And I want to make it clear I’m perfectly okay with other people doing it with their SCs, its just that I personally wont do it coz it’s a turn off for me. So its certainly not because I judge you or anything, I’m perfectly fine with how you want to run you life, so you should let me run my own life by finding SCs a turn off. Lol, that was me ranting to my friend when he says I was judging him. I’m not, its just not my thing, that’s all, I like to ease into the sex… and by easing, I don’t just mean foreplay.

Signing out.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Oil Turmoil

I’m a chemical engineer wannabe, and petroleum is one of our favourite industries, so I’ve taken a particular interest in the BP oil spill over at the Mexican Gulf. It is one of the biggest oil spills in the past decade and is estimated to cost BP over a billion US dollars (up-to-date) just to react to the spill.

Anyway, the spill on the 20th of April was caused by an oil rig blowout, which I’m pretty sure is just a fancy term for an error in design, in this case the design pressure. The platform in which the blowout occurred on was named the Deepwater Horizon, and the blow out caused an explosion on the platform itself killing eleven workers.

This oil spill is truly a major catastrophe, because experts has estimated that the amount of oil flowing out of the unplugged oil well (caused by the absence of the drill platform) was around 1.9 billion to 3.0 billion litres per day. I guess this goes to show that major oils are still only human and make human mistakes, despite them being one of the richest industries in the world and only hiring the cream of the crop to work for their companies. (that’s me ranting for not getting any interviews with major oils)

Well I’ve found this excellent site that puts the spill into a relative perspective so that we can understand the actual magnitude of this problem.

Here is the actual spill location in the Gulf of Mexico

This would be the equivalent spill radius if it was in Melbourne

And this is how it would look like relative to the size of Malaysia

Well I hope that puts into perspective how bad the oil spill actually is. And frankly my heart goes out the the people who have lost their lives working on the Deepwater Horizon platform, and to all the people whose lives are affected by this spill.

And in accordance to the main picture, if I had it my way, the oil spill would have been on a hot explosive mexican dude; and most certainly not an oil spill due to an explosion in the mexican gulf.

Signing out.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You Have 1 New Break Up Message(s) Received

Is there really such a thing as an un-messy break up? I presume all break ups are the same, it would most probably be very miserable for one or both sides of the break up. Personally I’ve never encountered any huge break ups, simply because I was never ever in a particularly deep relationship. So I guess I’m certainly no expert in this matter, but I’d like to talk a lil about it anyway.

Recently my friend, or should I say friends, since I know both sides of the party, got into a rather messy break up. One side isn’t sure about the decision, and the other side is totally devastated by the break up; factor in the fact that it was a LDR… lol very messy. In my opinion, the break up was made messier than usual because it wasn’t done in a proper manner; it was all ended with a single sms.

I’m of the school of thought that if you want to end something, it shouldn’t be done in such a nonchalant manner as an sms. It should be done face to face if possible, or at the very least through a phone call. But I suppose ending a relationship is a very difficult thing to do, and doing it face-to-face is certainly no easy task. But for goodness sake, don’t end it with a single sms. Its just too short, brief and incomplete. It kinda makes the whole relationship seem… meaningless and irrelevant.

To both my friends involved in the break up, I wish you guys the best of luck and all the strength and courage to get through it. And FFS call him to end it properly.

Signing out.