Saturday, January 29, 2011

MidSumma Fever

So, I’ve been getting more into the gay scene nowadays, despite not being out at all to most of my friends. My most recent gayscapade is to the midsumma festival in Melbourne. And if you’re wondering… I’m sure gayscapade is a word right? Or at least it should be!

Midsumma is a queer festival held annually in the city of Melbourne, it is over a period of time in which a wide range of queer themed activities are held all over the beautiful city of Melbourne. The two main events would be the carnival on the first day, and the pride parade on the very last weekend of the festival.

I wouldn’t be in the city for the pride parade, something of a waste… coz I heard its very awesome: meaning there are lots of hot topless guys usually… Ahaha, how shallow right? Anyway, as I said I’ll be missing the pride parade, but what I did attend is the carnival on the first day of the festival.

I went to the carnival with a few friends… yea only a few, I realise I don’t have many close gay friends, something I intend to change :p anyway, yea we hung out together a little at the carnival, which was held by the river side.

And literally hundreds and hundreds of gays came out to play :) It was a very nice event to attend, just knowing that there are so many of us out there is really comforting. You kinda get this feeling that, hey we’re not alone here. Some people even brought their kids along, I was thinking to myself ‘gosh, what liberal parents!’

Anyway pictures are of the carnival in which I took with my modest phone. And, I’ll be back home for the Chinese New Year festive season. Hooray!

Signing out.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hours In Years

This month is a very significant month of my life, it is the year I hit in which the number of hours in a day is in tandem with the number of summers I’ve seen. This means I can put into clear perspective what exactly I’ve done in the past few years of my early life.

Let’s see, being Malaysian, food is always flowing in my blood… So l’m gonna start off this statistic count with food. Assuming I spend twenty minutes in the morning eating breatfast, an hour for lunch and an hour for dinner… On average I spend two hours and twenty minutes eating. That means I spend around two years and four months in my past life, just eating.

Next showering, coming from a tropical country that is predominantly very humid… I tend to bathe at least two to three times daily. So assume I take roughly fifteen minutes to shower and I shower twice daily, that’s half an hour spend every day just showering. In yearly terms, I’ve spend six months of my life just showering :)

And sleeping, I sleep an average of seven hours a day, so that means I’ve slept seven years of my life away. Haha, how long did Rip Wan Winkle sleep again…?

Next is schooling, From pre-school (daycare and kindergarten) to secondary its about six hours a day for five days a week, hence lets average that out to four hours a day, and in uni I usually have about twenty over contact hours a week, so lets average that out to four hours a day. So this roughly adds up to me being in some sort of education facility an average of four years in the years I’ve been alive.

I spend at least two hours a day watching tv that is for sure, with all the tv dramas, both Chinese and English that I watch… That equals up to about two consecutive years of watching tv, wow :P This is just tv, I probably spend an average of at least two hours a day on the computer ever since I got my first computer, with games, ICQ, Friendster, Facebook, P**n, MSN, youtube and the likes. LoL, that’s roughly two years of consecutively sitting in front of the computer in the past few years of my life.

I’m gonna leave out the part about pooping and jerking off to your own imagination, but as a young guy going through puberty, all I can say is that during my younger days, I did it more than once daily… If you do your math properly, that could potentially add up to a lot… ahahaha

Lumping up the hours spent everyday into years kinda puts it into perspective how much time is wasted by doing things that are unproductive. Looking back, spending at least two hours of my life watching tv is probably one of the best time wasters. Although in my defence, watching tv is a way to improve my social life, as when I meet with friends, we talk and chat about what the latest development in our favourite tv program is. We also talk about hot guys and girls in the programs, so I guess watching tv is a form of ‘preparing’ to socialise. LoL… weak defence I know… but worth a shot.

Signing out.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Slouching Resolutions

Quite a lot of people have been coming up with their new year’s resolution lately, but I seemed to have started this year off with not many resolutions in my head. The most obvious resolution would be for me to find a job, as life is not very fulfilling when you are jobless and always having to watch your spending… so I went in search for my 2011 resolution, something easy but not too easy…

Now that the Christmas and new year period has mostly blown over, almost everything in the city is back to normal, most of the shops are back open, including the gym. For those of you that don’t know, Christmas and new year here is a lil bit like Chinese new year and Hari Raya back home, EVERYTHING closes.

So I’ve started to get back into my gym schedule and doing extra cardio to burn of all that extra weight gained over the holidays. At the gym, someone commented about me having bad posture while lifting, and also bad posture while just standing around. And it was at that moment that I realised I’ve found my resolution.

I’m resolved this year to correct my posture problem! Its not an impossible task, as I’m sooo over setting impossible resolutions, stuff such as: buying a house, getting a hot boyfriend, becoming king of the world! LoL, it makes no sense when you make resolutions you can’t fulfil.

Anyway, my main resolution related to health this year is not to lose more weight or to get that six pack, I just don’t have the six pack genes okay, what I want to do is to correct my hunching posture.

Thought not many of you know me, I do hunch and slouch quite a bit, and that is bad, as I may very well end up looking like Quasimodo from the hunch back of Notredome, and though he may be kind hearted… his looks are kinda a scare.

So resolution this year!!!

Bye bye slouching!
Bye bye hunching!
And Hullo good posture!

Signing out.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Branded Mania

Hey everyone, first post on the 11th on 2011 ! Today is 11/1/11 an auspicious day for me to start my first blog post of the year!

One of my friend once said you must not wear something like ‘that’ to a club, it looks cheap… and nobody likes a cheap dude. By that, he meant a simple Giordano shirt. I was like, are you serious?

Why issit that gay people are so brand conscious? I once asked a straight friend carrying a Gucci wallet, with an LV key chain and a Zegna sunnies, are you sure you’re not gay? He then came out to me a few months later.

Did some thinking as usual, and I suppose people are attracted to branded goods because it emits a type of aura. A guy wearing something so expensive must be more classy and refined than a guy wearing a cheap twenty dollar shirt right?

But what if I can’t afford the expensive shirt and starved myself by eating instant noodles everyday just so I can save up for that Armani shirt and wear it to the club? Sure on the surface other people will see me as the classy branded dude coz of my awesome Armani shirt, but on the inside I could be the very same dude that abused my own body by eating cheap unhealthy food just so I can spend my money on an expensive shirt. Still classy meh? Still think I’m sexy knowing I did that just to don an Armani shirt?

Honestly this sort of exterior ‘wrapping’ doesn’t only limit itself to clubs, try walking into one of the branded stores in the city, if you’re in Melbourne- Collins Street; in Malaysia- Pavillion or KLCC. If you’re not wearing anything branded, those saIes assistants won’t even look at you, let alone help you if you want to buy anything. I mean sure I may not be able to afford anything in there now, but I still am a potential customer, in the future I may be able to afford it… right? LoL. Can’t you be a little more friendly to me? Seriously, you don’t even own the shop you work in… you’re only working there, as a customer service personnel, I’m sure it can’t hurt to be more friendly.

I mean, I could be poor as I’m not wearing anything branded walking into your store, but maybe I saved up by eating instant noodles for the past three months so I can by something from your branded store, now you don’t wanna serve me? LoL

I am gay, and I ADMIT I LOVE branded stuff too, but I like to think I don’t go overboard with my craziness of branded goodness.

Ahahah, I can already hear some of you folks screaming in front of the screen saying you don’t buy branded goods because they make you look rich and classy but because they are better in fitting and quality. Yes… that is something I can’t argue with, I’m sure if you paid sooo much more for it, it must be of better quality right? The last time I checked, branded stuff were also made in China… LoL. But to look down on another guy just coz he is wearing a cheap shirt… that’s not very nice… I mean he could be very good in bed despite not wearing a branded skinny jeans… right? Wahahaha
Signing out.