Thursday, May 27, 2010

Movie: A Single Man

I recently hooked up with a friend to watch a gay movie at a small cinema here in Melby, the movie was A Single Man. Its overall a pretty artsy pansy movie and starred the actor that played the gay dad in Mamma Mia.

Anyway, the movie revolved around a gay man dealing with the death of his gay partner, with him contemplating ending his life, and with life tempting him with all the pleasures available to him if he were to remain alive.

There is some eye candy here, but certainly no frontal nude scenes. I'd recommend watching it if you were either gay or very into artsy pansy movies. Otherwise its probably safe to give this a skip. But then again... I'm not very into artsy pansy movies... I actually didn't like Benjamin Button, so maybe I'm a lil biased against these type of my-so-called artsy pansy movies.

The theme and character was very well developed, but I personally felt the plot held not much significance. With that said, I like how the film is able to portray a gay man like any other heteroman dealing with the grieving and loss of a beloved partner. We need more shows that tell the world gays and lesbians are just like any other person, that we are just normal human beings that happen to be attracted to our own gender.

Signing out.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two Timing Married Man

Been having a bit of a problem lately… One of my friend actually fell for a married guy, and I’m not the least bit happy about it. My friend fell for this guy in his early thirties that is actually married, so the first thing I did when hearing it was to give him the official ‘Wat Tha Fuck’ look. Then I started to probe more into the matter.

Okay early thirties is not nearly that old... but this is how I'm picturing him, a married men cheating on his wife and my friend

It turns out the guy finds that he likes my friend better, and that his marriage is supposedly not valid anymore since its supposedly almost broken up. So I then asked my friend if this married dude is gonna get a divorce soon? And he said yea the guy will get a divorce soon. And then I asked if the guy was still living with the wife? And my friend replied yes… again I gave him the ‘Wat Tha Fuck’ look.

So apparently he explained that he is still only with the wife because the married guy wanted to make sure he has a future with my friend, before actually leaving his wife… cause he doesn’t wanna end up alone if he and my friend doesn’t work out.


I was shocked… it was as if my friend was being used as some sort of safety net for that guy’s happiness, or the wife was his safety net… I don’t know. But that guy is seriously a jerk, if he can expect to continue living with the wife as a married couple in the event he and my friend doesn’t work out, then that certainly means their marriage isn’t over yet and they aren’t even close to filing for a divorce.

I can totally see that he is only trying to get my friend to sleep with him, as a sort of toy boy… I hate to see my friend being used like that, but I just don’t know how to get it into that thick skull of his. OMG… I’m at the end of my wits on this matter.

I think whether you are straight or gay, its only okay to start dating when both parties are completely out of a marriage binding relationship. To say that you just wanna make sure the ‘affair’ works out before leaving your wife is the words of a weak and cowardly man. If you wanna truly love another person, then you gotta give it your everything and hope that it works out. There is no such thing as a ‘I’ll remain married just-in-case’ clause. Fucking decide if you are gay or straight, or if you are married or divorced! Seriously fuck him… and also the people that would believe his words. I just hope my friend comes to his senses soon…

Let me just end the post by saying that I have nothing against dating older men, just not older married men.

Signing out.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Posters For Anti-Homophobes

Today is anti-homophobia day… so in spirit of this day, there are all kinds of anti-homophobia posters plastered all over Melby, and last Saturday there was even a march for anti-homophobia, in which I can shamefully admit that I didn’t dare attend for fear of being spotted by friends. Well the march was down the main street of Melby, so the chances of me bumping into someone from uni or friends were pretty high… so I guess that’s my defence on why I didn’t go, after all… I’m not really that out yet.

Here are two posters that I particularly liked, because they portrayed to straight people how much less complicated their lives can be… Haha check out the second poster… funny eh? And honestly if the kid I adopt in the future doesn’t turn out to be gay or lesbian, then I guess in some sense I’m relieved for my child, because he or she doesn’t have to go through what I’m going through now… although the difference of course is that I’ll always give my children all the support and love that I can, even if they turn out straight.

I later googled the posters and found out that they were created by a youth group called Minus18 and they even won the Premier’s Young People’s Community Participation Award, the Premier of Victoria would be something like the menteri besar of a state. How nice if there was a ‘Tolak-Lapanbelas’ in Malaysia too eh?

Signing out.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

We Want More Money!!!

I have been joining the gym here in aussieland and apart from the cardio and weight trainings, I have actively participated in their group exercise (GX) classes. The three classes I enjoy doing are Bodypump, Bodycombat and RPM. And apparently there has been a new development with GX classes, and that is the Aussie music regulators wants to charge the gyms more money for using original music in the GX classes.

The regulator here is the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA), and they want gyms to pay 4000% more for playing original music… this is after the PPCA targeting night clubs and dance parties by increasing their fees by 1000% and 3000% respectively.

So now the fitness clubs in Aussie and Les Mills have taken a supposedly ‘pro-active’ step to use cover mush or music from artists not registered with the PPCA. Whats cover music? Well its music that sounds alike an original track but not actually the original song by the original artist… I suppose it’s sorta something like a remix with some of the lyrics and the main rhythm in the music. And all this takes effect by the first of June.

This truly saddens me, because I wanna listen to bonjovi while doing bodypump and I wanna listen to Kelly Clarkson while riding my bike… I don’t wanna listen to a sound alike or cover music while working out… but I guess it cant be helped, as its all about the money… I sure hope this wont kill my interest with GX classes because I think these classes have really played their part in helping me and motivating me get fitter and lose weight. And I would seriously hate to lose that motivation… as then I’ll have to look elsewhere to motivate me to exercise… haha

Signing out.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Pocket Full Of Rainbows

Previously I posted a little something about the gay pride flag and their meaning... so recently I found a really cool book that I think all gays should have :) Its an instant rainbow you can carry around in your pocket.

What appears to be a normal book...

That looks like this on the inside...


In my opinion, the person that invented this was really innovative. Normally the flip books are cartoon strips, and they are fliped and viewed from top down. This instead is flipped and viewed from a side angle... Really really nifty :)


Signing out.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What do you see?

Got this idea from an article I read… Found it really eye opening. What does the following picture mean to you?

No it isn’t the times-table of one re-written twelve times. It actually is the number of days in any given year. Our calendars are normally in the format of months, so it gives us the feel that there is actually a lot of time in a year… but if presented this way, it kinda gives you the feeling that a year really isn’t that long after all.

And then, just to give this idea more perspective, what if I put the amount of days in a decade together, like this…

When you can actually see the days listed out in a lumped up numerical format… ten years really isn’t that long. It seems that a lot can be achieved in a ten year period, but a ten year period really is… just a glance.

Finally, averaging a lifespan of ninety years, this is how the days of an average person would look like…

I’m not sure about you guys… but since I’ve used up almost thirty percent of this table… I am a little worried. I’m worried that I haven’t found my other half, I’m worried that I haven’t done anything of significance, I’m worried that I haven’t found my relevance… and this scares me.

Signing out.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gimme All of It... Gimme All the Directions

Just a quick mention that I’m still very much alive… but only just barely. Had a tough week, at one point was up for 30 hours in a row. Not fun at all… But then again, when you have assignments and mid-semester tests staring you right in your face… you gotta do what you gotta do. Back now… and just wanted to share a lil something which I should have posted ages ago.

The weekend before I came back to the land down under to resume my studies, I took my doggie out for a long walk after giving him his weekly bath. I miss my doggie very much by the way… he is probably the thing I miss the most apart from my parents. Anyway, since it would be a while before I showered my beloved doggie again, my dad does that when I’m not home, I decided to take him for a longer than usual walk around the neighbourhood.

An incident sort of shocked me and got me thinking while walking my doggie, you see when we were walking about and my doggie was doing his usual sniff and territory marking rituals… there was this Indian guy on a motorcycle that rode up to us and then stopped his bike. The first thing that came to my mind was that OMG, he is going to rob us. I wasn’t carrying any cash around since I only needed my house keys to walk the dog, but I had on me my necklace which held my crucifix… I guess the gold coloured necklace was quite visible, and I thought he was gonna rob me of it.

Of course I had no doubt that my doggie would protect me if the guy on the bike tried anything funny, but at that time, my doggie was busy with his sniff and mark ritual… and he paid little attention to the unidentified stranger that approached us.

I took a step back and was about to pull my doggie closer to me when the guy on the bike suddenly said:

“Excuse me, which is the direction to Taman Tun?” (he said all this in malay of course)

After hearing him say that, I was a little relieved that all he was asking for was directions, but I still kept my vigilance up… just in case he was just asking me directions so that he can catch me off guard before he snatches my necklace. It took a while for me to get my bearings, but then in no time I pointed him in the right direction and he was off on his way to his destination.

I was a little shaken by this incident. Mostly because I thought he was a robber and could have stabbed me just to rob me of my possession which isn’t worth much anyway. But more than that, I felt embarrassed and guilty that I have accused an innocent man asking for directions just because he was on a motorbike and was of a different race. To my conscience it was just unacceptable.

He looked nothing like this...

Or this...

I reasoned with myself that it’s because of the frequent news we hear of robber and snatch thieves, especially in and around my area, and so it should have just been common sense that I was vigilant against this dude that rode up to me and asked for directions. But no, it isn’t morally right for me to judge a person just by his looks and his mode of transportation.

In some ways I blame the authorities for not doing their work properly, more often than not, they are busy setting up road blocks, or pestering legal foreign workers with permits in the industrial areas, just so that they can get some extra milk out of the cow, apart from their basic wages. I mean if the authorities had controlled the crime rate better, then us, the citizens, wouldn’t have to live in constant fear that the next person that comes up to us for directions will also rob us. In some sense, my insecurity of the system and my mistrust of authoritarian capabilities, gives me an insecure feeling towards my own safety and also leads me to mistrust my fellow good citizens.

It seems that certain people, in politically correct places, are saying politically correct statements that may lead a change to our country becoming a better and safer place. Though this may just be a sugar coated lie… one can still hope that in the near future of Malaysia, crime rates will be controlled, and us the citizens would not have to live in fear that some other law abiding citizen which only wants directions would rob us of our precious possessions.