Monday, May 30, 2011

Virtual Games

I don’t have an iPhone, unlike some of the more financially lucky guys… but on my 23rd birthday my friends all chipped in and bought me an iPod touch, so… I do have the luxury to some of the apps produced for the mobile device.

The first game I was hooked on was 'Angry birds'… I was hooked on it not because I really liked it… but more because I was more kiasu and didn’t wanna lose ma' eggs to those stupid swine… Finally finished it a few months back… :D

The other puzzle like game that got my attention was 'Cut the rope'… Now this I felt was much more interactive than angry birds… as it really requires good timing and some co-ordination.

Cut the ropes to navigate the candy into the cute lil monster's belly

Just the other day, as I was browsing through new apps to download… it came to my attention that EA games are having a sale on their games. So I downloaded the SIMS3 at a heavily discounted price… I’m having some real fun with it… because apparently you can have gay marriages in the game :)

My character Tyler

My character (Tyler) is currently married to this culinary chef called Luke… how ironic right... And they do seem happily married… The only problem is, I don’t know how to get him to move in with me, and don’t know how to adopt kids…

The love of Tyler's life Luke

So I guess the game creators really need to think about giving gay couples in the game the option to adopt. All in all, the gay factor in the game makes it fun… definitely worth trying since its still currently heavily discounted. Haha.

Signing out

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do I Know You?

Every time someone I know forgets my name, I die a little. It could be someone I know from the club, from gym or from some party… but when I say hi to them elsewhere and they say, ‘Do I know you?’ I die a little.

Even when I can name them and they acknowledge that that is indeed their name, but when they still can’t identify me, I die a little more.

And when I can name where I have met them and they acknowledge that they were indeed there, but reply, ‘Don’t remember you there though’, I die yet a little more.

Its situations like this that makes one feel insignificant, almost invisible. You go to the trouble to introduce yourself , and even make an effort to remember some stranger’s name, yet this ungrateful ‘acquaintance’ just forgets your very existence by nonchalantly saying, ‘Do I know you?’

Grr...! the next time you don’t intend to remember my name, please for fucks sake don’t fucking ask for it.

And trust me, you won’t see me introducing myself to anyone if they don’t ask me… coz I’ve reached the stage where I really can’t be bothered anymore.

Signing out.