Sunday, April 18, 2010

Would You Like Cream With That?

I recently found something very interesting on wikipedia… Cum shots!!!

And these weren’t ordinary cum shots… they are cum shots that would make any porn producer envious… it was a fantastic money shot… and it was on wikipedia for all to enjoy read for educational purposes. Try searching 'Ejaculation' on wikipedia... or alternatively, you can click here.

There are actually some great write up on cumming… but as I said the thing that caught my eye was the Cum shots! There were 2 there on display… one with the heading ‘Video of an Ejaculation’ while the other one was ‘Ejaculation Example’. As long as you are over the legal age for watching pornography in your country… I’d really recommend that you click on the image ‘Ejaculation Example’… cause then wikipedia brings you to the wiki page on that image, and down below that page is a .gif file of a Cum shot! As your personal instinct would have already compelled you to do so… click on the .gif image and check it out.

By the way, if you are not over the legal age for pornography in your country… maybe you can still click on the image in the name of education.


Signing out.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Purchasing Porn

Remember that book I blogged about called ‘Code of Conduct’? Well apparently the author wrote another book before that, and that book was pretty popular as well. It’s actually a sorta biography/memoir of the author as a gay marine, and its entitled ‘Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star’.

The book is supposed to be about Rich Merritt’s (the author) experience as a gay marine coming from a strict and straight fundamentalist background. It is also about him and his small gay pornography career, it was a little something he did on the side while in the military. I’m actually only half way through the book, because biographies aren’t really my thing. I mainly bought the book because I enjoyed his other book very much, and I just wanted to get to know him a little more by reading his biography… this is so that I can better understand what drove him to write such a fascinating gay military fiction.

Since I haven’t finished the book, and won’t be finishing it anytime soon, as I said… biographies aren’t my thing, this post is more about how I acquired the book, instead of a book review on the book…

It was Borders... not a gay book store

On one fateful day, I was at the bookstore again, and it was then that I decided I wanted to read this other book by the same author of the book I just read. After all, the title itself was interesting enough to attract any gay reader to buy it. So… in I walked to the store and started browsing the Gay, Lesbians, Bi and Transgender (GLBT) section for this book.

Well obviously I didn’t find it there, otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging about it as the story would have been boring… so failing to find a copy of the book, I headed to their electronic book catalogue and typed in the title of the book and tried to locate it. To my utmost surprise… the book was actually shelved in the biographies section, and not the GLBT section.

So being the persistent shopper that I was, I started wandering around the store in search of the biography section. After searching high and low… the search for the biography section proved unsuccessful, as it was no where to be found. I then proceeded to ask one of the staff at hand where the biography section is… since I obviously wasn’t going to ask her where a gay book was located.

“We have a very small biography section… are you looking for anyone in particular?” and she lead me to this two small shelves labelled with small labels ‘biography’.

“Oh no… nobody in particular… I’m really just browsing around, thank you very much”, and she left me alone after that.

For such a big book store, their two shelf biography section was meagre and pathetic. One glance across the two shelves and I instantly knew the book I was looking for was not there. Like an unrelenting vampire searching for blood, I knew I had come too far to give up on the book just because its not shelved in the biography section. The electronic catalogue clearly stated that there were 2 more copies in store…

"fuck! where issit?"

Screw it I thought to myself… so what if she thinks I’m a fag… I’ll just ask her where the book was. So again I approached the lady and asked her if she could help me locate a book I was looking for that wasn’t in the biography section. Instead of telling her the title of the book, I brought her to the electronic catalogue and typed out the title of the book, trying to subtly hint to her that there are two copies of ‘Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star’ that should be in the biography section as stated… but wasn’t there.

“That’s strange, hang on a second” then she pulled out a walkie talkie… and loudly said, “hey, there is this book entitled the ‘Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star’, it says here it should be in the biography section… but it isn’t there… could it be anywhere else?”

“No it should be there, unless there was a mistake and there aren’t any stocks left”, answered the guy on the other end of the radio.

I was like, OH MY GOD! Did she just read the title out loud with me next to her… I was freaking embarrassed. I was debating in my head whether or not to just make an excuse that I was in a hurry and would get the book another time so that I can make a dash out of the store. When suddenly a male attendant walked pass pointing to the screen asking us if we were looking for that book… and told us he knew where it was… I thought to myself… ‘you do? Then hurry and bring me to it so I can get out of here… you ding dong’. He brought us to this shelf entitled ‘Literary GLBT Themes’ and pulled the book out of the shelf instantly… I happily took the book, thanked him… paid for the book at the counter and left the store… almost all in a single breathe.

Well… this story may not be a big deal to a lot of you all reading this. But to me it was… it was very difficult asking a stranger where a gay themed book was… especially one with the title ‘Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star’… which could easily be interpreted as me being very interested in gay porn… although I do not deny my interest for gay porn… I would rather my local book store lady not know of my preference in images of naked men.

Anyway, I survived the ordeal… and here I am to tell the tale. Hahaha…

Signing out.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Gay Trending

There is this cool website called Google Trends, and it shows you a graph on how often a term is searched for, relative to the total number of searches globally. It also gives the list of the countries that searches that term the most often. The trending only starts from 2004, but none the less it’s interesting to see what people have been googling over the past few years. Being a science student, I have to admit that graphs get me excited, LoL… So I did a few random searches on gay topics…

I found that some gay topics are actually correlated to each other…

Gay Sex

Anal Sex

Gay Porn

These searches spiked in 2006, and I’m not sure why… but maybe that was the year that a lot of gays came to term with their own sexuality and came out to themselves. Something lil ol Ricky took too long to do… Something worth mentioning here is that Malaysia seems to have made it into the top five for both searches of Gay Sex and Anal Sex… Bearing in mind that we only have a population of twenty-eight million… That’s undoubtedly a very amazing achievement. LoL!

Other searches are more cyclical, for example the term Mardi Gras…

Mardi Gras

The Mardi Gras festivity is held sometime in February and March every year, so that clearly explains why the searches spike around that time every year. It’s a gay festival held in Sydney, that I hope to attend one day :)

Something comforting to know is that gay people are slowly building the confidence to come out of the closet.

Coming Out

As you can see how the term coming out is being googled more and more in a rising trend. And it’s probably because gay people want to find out more about coming out of the closet, and they turn to the internet to find out the best way to do so.

Well there are a ton of other things you can check out the trends of… so just head to the Google Trends website and see what the world is googling :)

*the google banner was taken without permission from Ashley... Ashley, if you see this and want it taken off... just message me. cheers

Signing out.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Reconnecting With My Mates

I haven't been posting anything up lately because I had assignemnts last week, and then this weekend was the easter long holiday break. It was a week long of reconnecting with my high school mates... It was certainly fun :)

I spent a year of highschool here in Aussie-land, and during that year here I made a few close friends. But due to the fact that everyone went to different corners of Australia for our studies... we sorta got split up. Now somehow, when they have graduated... They've all ended back up here in Melbourne again to work, so yea... we've been reconnecting over the past few weeks... particularly over this easter break.

Last Friday was Good Friday, and so most of the shops in the city were closed. Four of us old high school mates met up and were going to drive in the direction one of the island along the coast line and find a lunch spot... but guess what, we ended up actually driving to the island itself. Its called Phillip Island... and if you ever visit Melbourne as a tourist, its actually the island that visitors go to see the lil penguins. Mind you, because it was a holiday spot... It was infested with holiday goers... and we were sorta caught up in the traffic going into the island. The beaches there was great, and the surfers and sun bathers there were hot... ahaha... All in all it was a good Good Friday.

Today on the other hand, we drove up the mountain ranges for pies and tea. The pies were very good... but the queue was absolutely horrendous, once again due to all the holiday goers migrating up the ranges for the Easter Monday public holiday. We had to wait quite a while to get a table at the pie shop, and also had to put our names down at the tea house and returned after two hours for the scones. The pies were very traditional and yummy, and the scones with the tea were averagely okay... But the jam and clotted cream that came with the scones were magnificiently exquisite. It was VERY VERY good jam :)

After that we went to one of the mountain's national parks and took a hike down the trail there. It was kinda funny, coz I was in a tank top and my friend was in a casual tee with skinny jeans... So just the both of us were walking together down the hiking trail (the others bailed out of the trip at the last minute). To comment the least... we were quite gay, LoL. But my friend was straight, with a girlfriend that was out of town... Anyway, we sorta got quite a few stares by folks when we were talking, walking and laughing together at the trail. Very funny... I'm sure some of the other trail hikers there thought we were a gay couple. We were not, and if any of you are wondering, no he isn't my type at all.

Well it was a good break to go out of the city, and it was all made possible because my friend had his own car. I wish I had my own car, coz then I'd be out of the city and visiting these places of nature more often. However public transport to these places aren't very reliable, and that's why I don't go out of the city that much, even during the holidays.

Happy Easter everyone!

Signing out.