Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Class Havoc

Havoc in First Class

So I recently watched X-men: First Class. Though the show wasn't really a first class show, it was decently made, and I'd definitely recommend everyone to check it out.

Personally I felt that there was an undeniable attempt to portray an underlying love between Magneto and ProfX, beyond that of bromance. And it was kinda funny to watch it... because to a gay dude, those two are surely in love with each other...

On a side note, I love the whole "mutants need acceptance" theme... It sort of mirrors us gays in trying to gain the acceptance of society. Although ours is not a genome defect like mutants, disclaimer in case I get letters by some GLBT activists, we are still pretty much the same in that we are different from the general community and we're struggling to gain acceptance and acknowledgement.

Cut ain't he? I'm soo getting that hoodie vest now!

Ohh... and goodness gracious me is Lucas Till cute in this movie! Lucas (not me, but the actor) plays Alex Summers, a.k.a Havoc. He would be the younger brother of Cyclops in the mainstream X-men, and somehow appears in this movie before Cyclops. As someone who likes X-men, I find it weird that they should introduce Havoc before Cyclops in First Class... but I'm certainly not complaining about the eye candy... He is cute! Oh and for those of you who thinks he is familiar, he plays the dude in the "You Belong With Me" video for Taylor Swift :)

Lucas in the MTV

Anyway guys, go watch the movie!

Signing out.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are You Going Bananes?

So if you’re gay and reading this… the first think you should see in that picture is not the cute guy, but the Hermes Birkin Bag. The bag made obviously by Hermes is one of the world’s most sort after hand carries for women, and a lot of gays… Apparently they cost up to a hundred thousand American dollars, with the cheapest one being at least a grand.

They come in different colours, here's a light blue one

Quick background info… the bag is always hand crafted and was first made after the celebrity Jane Birkin, hence the name. Well, I have never seen one in real life… and don’t really think it matters that much to me; but to a lot of people out there, it is a very coveted status symbol. It is said that even if you have money you may not get a Birkin, because the waiting list for it is apparently a couple of years.

So anyway, this post isn’t just about the Birkin but more about the Banane Bag. Oh man… Asian entrepreneurs are genius, we don’t waste time inventing. Rather time is spent on innovating and mass producing functional products that are already working in the market. Hence I present to you the Banane Bag.

Check it out, even the advertising seems like a xerox

It is pretty much the image of something that resembles the Birkin Bag on a canvas bag. Hahaha… Its hilarious… And it sells for less than 1 percent of the Birkin. The inventors of the Banane claims that it isn’t a Birkin rip off because it is a whole new product of its own, and it’s also supposedly environmentally friendly because it’s made of canvas and not leather.

Bananes comes in all colours as well, and here is a similar light blue one

Expect to see more of this bag flooded in the market, I reckon this may finally mark the end of the LongChamp bag… They were seriously everywhere…

Not sure why, but this was everywhere at one time

Well even Marc Jacobs carries a Birkin and not a Marc Jacobs bag… LoL, I do wonder if he’ll be caught carrying a Banane Bag?

MJ with his Birkin

Signing out