Sunday, February 28, 2010

Twenty Three Fast Facts About Lucas

Of all the years I’ve been studying in Melbourne, this is the first time I’m travelling with Singapore Airlines. And I must say, if I have any ‘dislike’ of Singaporeans, it is mostly spawned from admiration. You wouldn’t believe how nice their new Airport is… compared to KLIA… its like a Mercedes Benz and a Proton Wira. I’m not saying our Wira isn’t good… but relatively, it really cant hold up against a Benz.

Anyway, I’m actually on the plane now and have decided to fill in a blog post on 23 things about me. Sipping on my second glass of Singapore Fling, a sweet cocktail served by SIA… I’m ready to fill everyone in on 23 things about me :) By the way, the Singapore Sling is deliciously sweet… its description reads:
“This classic was created in 1915 at the Long Bar of Singapore’s Raffles Hotel and is now famous the world over. Enjoy the Singapore Fling - a concoction of dry gin, Dom Benedict, Cointreau and cherry brandy, shaken up with lime and pine apple juices and a dash of Angostura Bitters and Grenadine.”

I’m the only child of the family, so carried on the shoulders of my back is the burden of taking care of both my parents and also the burden of giving my parents grandchildren… which at this stage, can be quite tricky.


I’ve had three dogs all my life and all of them were black. The first two were Dobermans and the current one is a rotty-beagle mix. Don’t ask me how, but apparently my doggie’s mom was the beagle. Anyway, because I always grew up with dogs, I luv dogs very very much.

I did my final year of high school in Australia, at an all boys private school. Having been studying in a co-ed school all my life, that year was truly an experience that I have never forgotten. More so because there were so many boys running around in their blazered uniform, the school scene was not unlike something out of Harry Potter. Did I mention I loved sports during that year :P

The weirdest thing I’ve eaten is snake meat. I tried this when I was much younger during a trip to china. The snake was cooked in a clear soup style, along with some Chinese herbs. It was a very long time ago, but as I remembered, it didn’t taste that bad at all.


My favourite liquor is Scotch Whisky. I don’t know how I developed a taste for it, because my dad is more of a Brandy person. But I guess my host brother in Aussie might have something to do with it. My host brother, from the family I was staying with while studying in high school, loved scotch… and he always offered me some while he drank.

I personally love the colour blue, and use to have everything around me painted or coloured blue. Like my wall paper at home, my bed sheet, my toilet tiles, my school bag etc… all of them were always blue. But as I grew older, I realise I don’t look good in blue. So I stopped wearing blue apparels even though it’s still my favourite colour.

I once got into a very bad car accident a few years ago. This is why I never speed very much and am slightly averse to driving when I’ve had too much to drink. It was a very bad accident that crushed the right back door of my car, it missed me by less than a feet. Just a feet more, and I would have been a traffic statistic.

I use to be a very good swimmer when I was young, and received a lot of attention from my coach because he thought I would do well in competitions when I got older. But due to certain health problems, I had to give up swimming. Now I only swim for leisure and when I’m by the sea. I still love the waters.

Contrary to popular belief, I actually do speak Chinese, although I’m not very good at it. So I guess because I can speak Chinese, I do not qualify as a Banana, so please do not refer to me as one. Thank you very much.

I have only smoked two times in my whole life, and both times I took the ciggys from the same person. I was stressed when those two times happened. Despite that, I despise smoking, and would find it very hard to date someone that is a heavy smoker. A social smoker… maybe, a very big maybe… but a heavy smoker… nope.


I use to play the piano and the guitar. I still play the guitar… sort of. But I definitely stopped playing the piano, all those piano lessons and guitar lessons I took when I was young helped me to appreciated the art of music, but as soon as I realised that I just didn’t have the talent to create good music… I stopped learning, but continued to appreciate. Currently the only instrument I play is my I-pod. And mind you I’m pretty good at it.

Only three people from my high school in Malaysia knows that I’m gay. One of them is gay himself, and the other two are straight. Why do I keep my sexuality a secret and not just be open about it? I don’t know, but for now I’m happy for things to stay the way they are.

My shoe size is 10. And I mean the real shoe size… the types of shoe that you wear on your feet. Also, I’m not sure if that’s considered small or big, and I also do not know if the size of your shoes actually corresponds to the size of one’s cock.

I use to like plush toys when I was young… maybe a clear indication that I was gay. It’s not that I don’t like plush toys anymore, but I guess I’m not as crazy about them as I use to be.

I absolutely cannot stand watching horror or gory movies. I maybe a coward for not daring to watch them, but I’m brave enough to stand up and tell the world that I’m scared of watching those movies… kinda paradoxical if u ask me :)

For a very long time when I was younger… I always thought I was an Aquarius. Only much later in my teens did I realise that I was actually a Capricorn… and I have been misreading my horoscopes all along.


I actually like watching football, but because of the lack of cable TV in aussie-land, I have lost some interest in it. Nonetheless I still like watching my team play. My favourite teams are Blackburn Rovers, AC, Barca and Italia.

Of all the countries I have visited, my favourite place so far is Spain. If I could speak the language, I would certainly consider moving there to work for a few years. Alas I cant speak Spanish at all… not even a lil bit.

My favourite Defence Of The Ancients (DOTA) hero is Nevermore. When I use to play DOTA, using him I could get the Lothar’s Edge in under 18 minutes… which for a noob like me is considered pretty good :)

I use to go to five different tuitions when I was in high school. Life was really stressful for me back then, and maybe because of that, I feel that part of my childhood was taken away from me.


I love watching TV, from cartoons to anime, from sitcoms to dramas, from Hollywood to TVB… I love them all. And given the time, I can be glued to the TV screen for hours… especially for movie/TV marathons. Unfortunately I haven’t really had the time to do that lately.

I have never dyed my hair before in my whole life. I guess I’ve always liked a black top and just never had the urge to change my hair colour. Even if I did wanna dye my hair, I wouldn’t have a clue what colour to go for, simply because I’m so used to the colour I’ve always worn… black.

My favourite dessert is a simple cheesecake. Only the best of the best can make a simple cheesecake taste magnificent, and I feel if you wanna know how good a dessert chef is, you gotta taste his/her cheesecake.

Signing out.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reading A Movie

Malaysians do not read? I personally find that hard to believe. Malaysians love to watch a lot of movies right? So how can they not read a lot? Huh... What am I going on about... Well subtitles of course.

In the past four movies I watched, something subtle I noticed in the cinema was that people actually laughed before the actor/actress delivered the punch line… that's coz they read the subtitles first. On some level I find that slightly annoying that people laugh before the jokes are even told, but that totally proves my point that Malaysians read alot more than we think.

I realised I use to read a lot of subtitle as well... For all of you movie readers out there, be warned... If you ever go to Aussie-land... the movies and TV programs have no subtitles... Not even English subtitles. Thinking back a few years, I found that quite a problem when I first watched anything in Aussie-land... But now I suppose I'm just used to not reading the subtitles anymore...

Animes, J-Dramas and K-Dramas requires a lot of subtitle reading if you do not speak the language.

All I'm trying to say is that Malaysians should be given more credit to the amount we read, because we do read a lot more than people think. We may not read a lot of books or newspapers... But we do read movies :) I mean, the amount of subtitle in a movie has got to be at least equivalent to a small book right? Right…? Well except maybe movies like Wally-E, which have barely any lines.

So the next time I see another news report accusing Malaysians of not reading, I may just write in and give them my two cents...

Signing out.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lil Lucas In A Tale Of New Bills And Old Bills

Lil lucas had the most unforgettable Saturday night ever… it all started of with dinner with him and his extended family at a local favourite restaurant. Due to the fact that it was the Seventh Day of the Lunar New Year, the restaurant was fully booked. And it turns out that many of the tables at the restaurant were ‘extra’ extended relatives and also friends. All unarranged but just happened to be at the same restaurant and on the same Saturday Night. The restaurant specially invited three lions to perform a lion dance ceremony for its customers on the auspicious Seventh Day which is considered the day that is everyone’s Birthday in the Lunar calendar. So the first exchange of new bills was between Lil Lucas and the lions, his parents gave the bills to him and placed them in a red packet. Then Lil Lucas was asked to give the red packet to the lions as an auspicious action to attract good fortune.

After dinner, Lil Lucas then adjourned to his neighbour’s house back home because they had an open house inviting all friends and families over. The next exchange of new bills was again in a red packet, but this time instead of Lil Lucas giving it, he was receiving it from his neighbours. Like a politician seeing government projects that require no tender, Lil Lucas graciously accepted the red packet stuffed with new bills and put the coveted item in his back pocket.

Having drank quite a few glasses of red grape juice at both the dinner event and his neighbour’s open house, Lil Lucas should have retired to bed and called it a night. But having remembered his promise to a friend that he would club on his behalf at the marketplace that fateful Saturday night (seriously just and excuse to go out), he decided that he would keep to his end of the bargain, and force another friend to drive him there. His Bro, a sweet guy agreed, despite looking extremely tired due a busy day.

Lil Lucas had a pretty good time at the marketplace, although he did see a certain C that he didn’t wanna meet, anyway C pretended he didn’t see Lil Lucas as well, so that worked out pretty well. Nonetheless he had a good time meeting some other new people. Towards the end when Lil Lucas was about to leave the club, someone came to him and his bro and told them that the Old Bill was coming for a raid at the marketplace, and that everyone should leave the place before the commotion started. So trying to avoid an unwanted event with the Old Bill, Lil Lucas left the marketplace as soon as he could. Lil Lucas also tried to inform as many of his friends that were still inside the club about the speculated raid, although he missed out one friend, namely Z, because he didn’t have Z’s number.

Happily leaving the marketplace in the car, Lil Lucas was already ready to call it a night when he reached home. However it was not meant to be. On the way back, Lil Lucas encountered a Bill block by the Old Bill. The three people in the car had quite a few drinks already, and Lil Lucas knew he had it in for him this time. The Old Bill was out for fresh crisp new bills.

The whole ritual of the Old Bill took less than 10 minutes. It started off with HOPE-FEAR-THREATENING-CALMNESS. The ritual of HOPE started when the Old Bill asked Bro (who was drivin) to firstly blow his pipe, if it lighted up green, then they were free to go; if it was red then the trouble begins. Knowing he hadn’t had a drink in more than an hour, Bro blew the Old Bill’s pipe hoping for the green light to light up. Of course it didn’t. FEAR started when the red light first lit up, and also the mention of a court attendance and a three thousand dollar charity to the Old Bills official office. Finally THREATENING was the mention of not only a charity donation to the office, but also the obligation of a visit to the Old Bill’s office to sign his autograph book, and the request of their identification contacts and facebook address.

The ritual was well played, Lil Lucas, Bro and their friend were scared shitless. Bro was asked to step out of his chariot and go towards the Old Bill’s horse. All that was going through Lil Lucas’ and the other guy in the car’s mind was that ‘hopefully nothing bad is gonna happen to Bro, and that hopefully the three of us don’t get hauled into the Old Bill’s office to add our autographs to his autograph book’. Bro came back to the chariot with cold sweat rolling off him, only God knows what the Old Bills said to scare him even more. Finally pooling all their resources together, they donated a healthy donation to the Old Bill’s personal choice of charity. The sum totalling two-hundred-and-twenty-five daily newspapers in the glory land of Malaya. That was the donated bills to the Old Bill. Only when the three of them drove the chariot away from the Old Bills block was there CALMNESS that started to sweep over the whole chariot.

Lil Lucas was just glad the ordeal was over. Never before has he encountered first hand the ritual of the Old Bill. Its times like this he curses the Bills for their audacity to parade around the streets and ask for donations to their charity of choice, its obvious from their actions they had no intention to actually nab anyone, all they wanted to do is as for charity donations. There are better tasks for them out there in the dark dark crime ridden city that Lil Lucas calls home, but rather than face the real bad guys, the Old Bill prefers to hang around and perform the Ritual of the Old Bill on Bro, whom was seriously not drunk. Lil Lucas would never have gotten into a drunk driver’s car, and Bro already stopped drinking a good hour before having to drive back. Was the blow job a con job that always showed red? Lil Lucas knows he will never ever know the answer to that question. Finally despite everything that has happened he is also thankful for the greed Old Bill that saved his Bro from having to go through unnecessary legalities.

What’s most important to Lil Lucas was that everyone in the car escaped the grasp of the Old Bill. The crisp new bills can always be found again, but the ritual of the Old Bill is truly an experienced unlike anything, but worth avoiding.

Singing out.

Friday, February 19, 2010

V For Valentines

Went to watch Valentine's Day with my self dubbed Ah Kor today. It is a really bitter sweet movie... Highly recommended for everyone, and an added bonus if you are gay... Coz there is a lil something special for us in there, mua ha ha.

And OMG Taylor Lautner is soooo cute, he was in the movie... Hate to spoil it for u guys... But he didn't take his shirt off. Sigh, if it wasn't a pretty good movie... I would have marched straight to the counter and requested a full refund. On a lighter note, there was this other young dude... Very lithe body, and he took his clothes off... :p

Taylor and Taylor

Apart from those young actors, there were a whole bunch of other hawt actors... And some were, I repeat were, half naked :p

Eric Dane, one of the hawties in the film

Gosh before I sound like a bimbo, and appear to only look at the guys in the movie, let me say that the plot was pretty good. At times it may be semi-predictable... but in a good way. Its one of those movies that tears your heart apart and grinds it into pieces, then puts all of them into a slow cooker to make it all warm and mushy so that the pieces stick together again.

So with that said... All of you out there that are partnered up… get off your lazy bums and go watch the movie.

Happy belated Valentine's Day!

Signing out.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You Belong With Me!

Taylor Swift is one of my favourite artist of late, her song so closely resembles what a lot of high schoolers go through… and maybe because of the high school theme, it makes me think of my younger days, and that is why I have fallen for her songs.

I particularly like ‘You BelongWith Me’, partly because the guy in the music video is sooo cute, but also because I feel I can totally relate to that song as a gay guy. The song could very well have been sung by a gay guy to one of his straight buddies or guy next door that he had a crush on.

You see the references in the song totally fits the bill, it could have been a guy singing it instead of a girl;

“But she wears short skirts
I wear t-shirts
She's cheer captain
And I'm on the bleachers”

“She wears high heels
I wear sneakers”

Obviously guys wear t-shirts, and obviously if our buddy is out on the field playing sports for the school… we’re on the spectators’ bench supporting him. (Bleachers in the US mean spectators bench) And compared to girls, obviously us guys wear sneakers rather than high heels right? Well… unless you’re into drag, then it’s a totally different story.

And sooo many of the references in the song resembles what we do most with our best buddies,

“Walking the streets
With you and your worn out jeans
I can't help thinking
This is how it ought to be
Laughing on a park bench
Thinking to myself
Hey, isn't this easy?”

Don’t we spend so much time with our best buddy when his pesky girlfriend isn’t around, so much so that we feel that we were meant to be?

“And you've got a smile
That could light up this whole town
I haven't seen it in awhile
Since she brought you down
You say you're fine
I know you better than that
Hey what you doing
With a girl like that”

The best buddy always had the bestest smile in the whole world, and sure… when he first got a girlfriend, he was very happy. But after a while, we as a close friend can see that she was bringing 'you' down… yet you still stayed with her… and at times even tried to trick us, your bestest buddy in the whole world, that you are fine. As if we would fall for that.

And here we are always…

“Dreaming about the day
When you wake up and find
That what you're looking for
Has been here the whole time”

Hoping that you’ll realise the obvious, that…

“she doesn't get your humor
Like I do”


“She'll never know your story
Like I do”

And also realise all the ‘non-physical’ intimate times we spent together when…

“Oh, I remember
You driving to my house
In the middle of the night
I'm the one who makes you laugh
When you know you're about to cry
And I know your favourite songs
And you tell me about your dreams
Think I know where you belong
Think I know it's with me”

Finally like all crushes on your best buddy, we would hope beyond hope…

“Can't you see
That I'm the one
Who understands you
Been here all along
So why can't you see?
You belong with me.”

But after all that, waking up from a dazed dream… we would realise that the reality is that you are straight… and always will be. And then and only then, will we accept that you will have to find your way in the world without us being by your side… but with another girl… your other half…

*update* I realized I changed the tone from describing the buddy as a third person to directing the post at him...

Signing out.

Friday, February 12, 2010

One Disapointment Leads To Another Appointment

The week is finally coming to an end, and Chinese New Year is just two days away :) Today I was suppose to meet up with some uni mates after having dinner with my mom and a family friend... but half way through my dinner I got a call from a friend cancelling the meeting. I was dissapointed cause they were my uni mates, and we haven't met up since leaving Melbourne last December... however, this setback paved way for me to meet up with some new friends.

I was originally invited by Evann to meet up with some of his friends for steamboat, obviously bloggers too... but unfortunately I had to turned down the invitation because I already had plans... now that my uni mates cancelled on me... I could join in on the little dinner :) or rather I joined in after they had their dinner... LoL... hopefully it wasn't too awkward that I just popped in :)

"So nice meeting you guys, Jerry, Anton and Bong..."

To everyone driving back to their kampung... drive SAFELY... and if your gonna fuck... fuck the same way :)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone.

Signing out.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

At Least You Tried

I would have told myself the same thing some of my friends have been telling me... "At least you tried, if he ain't responding to your sms, its his lost"

But saying it, and hearing it is totally different... it kinda hurts that people don't even reply your sms... I mean even to say a simple "I'm not interested"... Do they know how the person sending the message feels when nobody replies your messages?

Frangipani Flower

I'm starting to think that the feng shui of Frangi doesn't suit me... this is the second time I've mustered up the courage to send someone I met/found from Frangi a message... and they didn't reply me... sigh... I'd say its quite a blow to my already deflated gay confidence :| c'mon man... it doesn't cost that much to send out a simple text message right? apparently it does... to some people.

Well... its less than a week away to CNY... at least thats something to look forward to... I've been a lil coughy lately... hopefully it doesn't develop into a full fledged cough before CNY...

Signing out.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm Not That Scary... Right?

So what do you do on the very last weekend of the Chinese bull year? Go out and party like crazy… hahaha, nah I didn’t party like crazy, but I did go out both nights Friday and Saturday with my pals for drinks and dance. Friday was at Frangi… to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and Saturday was just… for fun :)

Saturday was at MP, fun as usual... met many new friends that night, some of them were really good looking… way out of my league. I also had quite a bit to drink that night, coz Evann was kind enough to drive me… so I kinda let loose a lil :)

Okay… maybe I let loose more than a little and scared a certain someone a lil… lets call him ‘C’. How did I scare C? well the story started from Friday night… C was at Frangi Friday night, and when I spotted him in the crowd… I immediately had the “OMG he is fucking cute!” thought going over and over again in my head. It wasn’t that I wanted to do him or something, but I did want to get to know him more… So I asked the people I went out with if they knew C, so that maybe one of them could introduce him to me… unfortunately none of them did… so I was a lil disappointed. My friends then suggested I approached him and talk to him… and maybe get his number or something….

OBVIOUSLY I wasn’t that bold, so I kinda made an excuse that I wasn’t high enough yet… and that I might approach him once I had a few more drinks. After some extra drinks, I looked around again for C, but he was already gone. I was rather relieved, coz despite wanting very badly to get to know him, I still didn’t feel bold enough to approach him. So with him gone, I told my friends that I would have chatted him up… but because he already left I couldn’t. To be honest, I was abit disappointed with myself then…

Guess what? C was then again at MP the next night… and again I wanted to get to know him… but honestly didn’t have the balls to just approach a complete stranger and ask for his number… After having a few drinks, the unthinkable happened… Evann suggested we played ‘Dare’ and dared me to get that guys number. I was like… err, I’m really not that bold. Then Evann (wise old Evann) gave me a pick up line and said… that might work…

I’m not gonna post the pick up line here… coz I think its copyrighted by Evann… anyway… at that moment, maybe because of the drinks… I thought possibly armed with this super pick up line, I might be able to get C’s number. So after some persuasion from my mates… I finally dug up the courage walked up to C, and used the pick up line on him. He had a very cute smile when I said the line to him, and thank all the heavens in the world… I finally got C’s number!!! Lol, woohoo… I was like wow wow wow…

I went back to the table and told the guys I got his number! And then the supplier of the line said to me wide eyed in disbelieve “ It worked???” and I was like… omg, don’t tell me I was the guinea pig, and that u never used that pick up line before… from his giggling that moment, I knew I was used :) haha even though I was used, it was a good type of used… coz I actually managed to get C’s number.

The bad part is that… I’m pretty sure I scared C by using such a pick up line in a club… coz I sent him an sms in this evening asking how’s his day… no reply so far…I mean if it was me… I would be pretty freaked out if some stranger walked up to me and used that pick up line as well… but he gave me his number, and I missed call him to double check its correct… don’t think he lied about his number…

Maybe I’m not his type, maybe I freaked him out… I dunno… anyway, overall I had a great weekend out with all my friends… and I guess it would be a perfect weekend if C actually did reply my sms… hehe… and I just realised while typing this post that I was the only one that played the dare that night… being dared to get C’s number… nobody else actually played :| Well I hope I didn’t scare him, and I’d like to say that I didn’t approach him just because of the dare… the dare only helped made me more bold to approach him… coz maybe without it… I wouldn’t have mustered up the courage to do what I did…

Signing out.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Neither Here Nor There

“So like how long are you gonna be here again…?”
“three months”
“oh I see… cool”
*prospective guy loses interested in me…*

Sigh, that is the typical conversation that starts and ends whenever I meet potential new guys. You see… because of my education… I’m neither here nor there… out of the twelve months, I’m usually in Malaysia for the first two months… then back to aussieland for four months of first semester… then back to Malaysia a month for winter break… then again back to aussieland for four months of second semester… then back to Malaysia again for the first month of summer break (rinse and repeat after that). That means that I’m in Malaysia for four months, and in aussieland for eight months.

Jan -My
Feb -My
Mar -Au
Apr -Au
May -Au
Jun -Au
Jul -My
Aug -Au
Sep -Au
Oct -Au
Nov -Au
Dec -My

Well, you may ask why do I travel back and forth and not just stay in aussieland till the end of year summer break… that potentially means I will be in aussieland for nine months straight, and not break it up with a one month break in between back in Malaysia. Well, you must understand that I’m the single child of the family… (I will personally twist your nuts off if you even dare to mention anything remotely close to the sentence ‘soooo lucky!’… seriously) so… that’s why I have to come back to Malaysia to spend time with my parents. So family mostly explains why I travel back and forth so much.

Okay so what is the post about? It’s basically me ranting about not being able to get a stable longtermie coz I’m never in one place for more than four months. I mean, honestly I wouldn’t wanna date myself… Being separated for months in between is really hard to handle… so… does this mean I’m implying that I cannot be loyal to my luved one in a long distance relationship (LDR), which is not it… I believe I can be loyal… but being human… I may be able to control myself… but I certainly can’t control my other half right? Not half way across the world (eight hours flight… if you were wondering about the distance between Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne).

Sigh, I feel that by not staying in one place for a long enough time really hinders my selling point as a eligible bachelor… guys usually shy away the moment they know that I will not be around for months at end. And like I said, I don’t blame them. So the only ones I attract are the ones interested in one night stands… I may do that… sometimes (not admitting to it… just may) but that is really not my cup of tea… I may not believe in a lifetime relationship… but I still do believe in a committed relationship, and certainly one that involves commitment lasting longer that a single night.

So one more year for me this year… assuming I don’t fail anything… then I’ll graduate in December and can finally decide where I’m gonna stay put. Whether it be aussieland… or the land that is truly Asia. Then… and maybe then… I can finally find someone that will date me long term. Until then… its just me, myself and I…
(I know that last sentence was emo… but I do feel that way sometimes)

Signing out.