Sunday, February 28, 2010

Twenty Three Fast Facts About Lucas

Of all the years I’ve been studying in Melbourne, this is the first time I’m travelling with Singapore Airlines. And I must say, if I have any ‘dislike’ of Singaporeans, it is mostly spawned from admiration. You wouldn’t believe how nice their new Airport is… compared to KLIA… its like a Mercedes Benz and a Proton Wira. I’m not saying our Wira isn’t good… but relatively, it really cant hold up against a Benz.

Anyway, I’m actually on the plane now and have decided to fill in a blog post on 23 things about me. Sipping on my second glass of Singapore Fling, a sweet cocktail served by SIA… I’m ready to fill everyone in on 23 things about me :) By the way, the Singapore Sling is deliciously sweet… its description reads:
“This classic was created in 1915 at the Long Bar of Singapore’s Raffles Hotel and is now famous the world over. Enjoy the Singapore Fling - a concoction of dry gin, Dom Benedict, Cointreau and cherry brandy, shaken up with lime and pine apple juices and a dash of Angostura Bitters and Grenadine.”

I’m the only child of the family, so carried on the shoulders of my back is the burden of taking care of both my parents and also the burden of giving my parents grandchildren… which at this stage, can be quite tricky.


I’ve had three dogs all my life and all of them were black. The first two were Dobermans and the current one is a rotty-beagle mix. Don’t ask me how, but apparently my doggie’s mom was the beagle. Anyway, because I always grew up with dogs, I luv dogs very very much.

I did my final year of high school in Australia, at an all boys private school. Having been studying in a co-ed school all my life, that year was truly an experience that I have never forgotten. More so because there were so many boys running around in their blazered uniform, the school scene was not unlike something out of Harry Potter. Did I mention I loved sports during that year :P

The weirdest thing I’ve eaten is snake meat. I tried this when I was much younger during a trip to china. The snake was cooked in a clear soup style, along with some Chinese herbs. It was a very long time ago, but as I remembered, it didn’t taste that bad at all.


My favourite liquor is Scotch Whisky. I don’t know how I developed a taste for it, because my dad is more of a Brandy person. But I guess my host brother in Aussie might have something to do with it. My host brother, from the family I was staying with while studying in high school, loved scotch… and he always offered me some while he drank.

I personally love the colour blue, and use to have everything around me painted or coloured blue. Like my wall paper at home, my bed sheet, my toilet tiles, my school bag etc… all of them were always blue. But as I grew older, I realise I don’t look good in blue. So I stopped wearing blue apparels even though it’s still my favourite colour.

I once got into a very bad car accident a few years ago. This is why I never speed very much and am slightly averse to driving when I’ve had too much to drink. It was a very bad accident that crushed the right back door of my car, it missed me by less than a feet. Just a feet more, and I would have been a traffic statistic.

I use to be a very good swimmer when I was young, and received a lot of attention from my coach because he thought I would do well in competitions when I got older. But due to certain health problems, I had to give up swimming. Now I only swim for leisure and when I’m by the sea. I still love the waters.

Contrary to popular belief, I actually do speak Chinese, although I’m not very good at it. So I guess because I can speak Chinese, I do not qualify as a Banana, so please do not refer to me as one. Thank you very much.

I have only smoked two times in my whole life, and both times I took the ciggys from the same person. I was stressed when those two times happened. Despite that, I despise smoking, and would find it very hard to date someone that is a heavy smoker. A social smoker… maybe, a very big maybe… but a heavy smoker… nope.


I use to play the piano and the guitar. I still play the guitar… sort of. But I definitely stopped playing the piano, all those piano lessons and guitar lessons I took when I was young helped me to appreciated the art of music, but as soon as I realised that I just didn’t have the talent to create good music… I stopped learning, but continued to appreciate. Currently the only instrument I play is my I-pod. And mind you I’m pretty good at it.

Only three people from my high school in Malaysia knows that I’m gay. One of them is gay himself, and the other two are straight. Why do I keep my sexuality a secret and not just be open about it? I don’t know, but for now I’m happy for things to stay the way they are.

My shoe size is 10. And I mean the real shoe size… the types of shoe that you wear on your feet. Also, I’m not sure if that’s considered small or big, and I also do not know if the size of your shoes actually corresponds to the size of one’s cock.

I use to like plush toys when I was young… maybe a clear indication that I was gay. It’s not that I don’t like plush toys anymore, but I guess I’m not as crazy about them as I use to be.

I absolutely cannot stand watching horror or gory movies. I maybe a coward for not daring to watch them, but I’m brave enough to stand up and tell the world that I’m scared of watching those movies… kinda paradoxical if u ask me :)

For a very long time when I was younger… I always thought I was an Aquarius. Only much later in my teens did I realise that I was actually a Capricorn… and I have been misreading my horoscopes all along.


I actually like watching football, but because of the lack of cable TV in aussie-land, I have lost some interest in it. Nonetheless I still like watching my team play. My favourite teams are Blackburn Rovers, AC, Barca and Italia.

Of all the countries I have visited, my favourite place so far is Spain. If I could speak the language, I would certainly consider moving there to work for a few years. Alas I cant speak Spanish at all… not even a lil bit.

My favourite Defence Of The Ancients (DOTA) hero is Nevermore. When I use to play DOTA, using him I could get the Lothar’s Edge in under 18 minutes… which for a noob like me is considered pretty good :)

I use to go to five different tuitions when I was in high school. Life was really stressful for me back then, and maybe because of that, I feel that part of my childhood was taken away from me.


I love watching TV, from cartoons to anime, from sitcoms to dramas, from Hollywood to TVB… I love them all. And given the time, I can be glued to the TV screen for hours… especially for movie/TV marathons. Unfortunately I haven’t really had the time to do that lately.

I have never dyed my hair before in my whole life. I guess I’ve always liked a black top and just never had the urge to change my hair colour. Even if I did wanna dye my hair, I wouldn’t have a clue what colour to go for, simply because I’m so used to the colour I’ve always worn… black.

My favourite dessert is a simple cheesecake. Only the best of the best can make a simple cheesecake taste magnificent, and I feel if you wanna know how good a dessert chef is, you gotta taste his/her cheesecake.

Signing out.


  1. Sounds like you gave up quite a few stuff from when you were young... Would like to see your iPod performance some day. LOL.

  2. :P

    Im actually surprised you smoked twice.. TWICE!!!
    and you always give me that disgusting look when I light up..

  3. Hi Lucas! Interesting facts about yourself. I dislike smokers too because I can't stand the smell. Sorry Eric, Hahaha!!!

    You play the piano, guitar, you swim, you play sports-wow! sounds like a perfect man to be desired. Hehehe...

    Like you, I never dye my hair. I like it shiny black. I also like plush teddy bears, they're just so cute, right?

    But unlike you, I don't play computer games, never like football, and never attended any tuition before during my schooling days.

    You can read mine at my blog.

  4. Yes..We should be courteous when driving..However, accidents are some things that we can't control sometimes. Hehe...I hate kissing guys with cigarette breathe!

  5. Haha Will, I'll gladly give you a performance anyday :) I'm very proficient with the ipod :P

    Takashi... give it up like Evann pls... I saw the error in my ways. It seems Calv and Simon agrees with me :)

    Calv, music and sports are in my past, I'm hardly desirable now. And I do read Strictlt Gay :) Luv you pics, haha.

    Simon! yea I guess thats why they are called accidents. Tell Takashi about the breathe.

  6. Wow Lucas, I never know you are a dota player.. You still playing now??

  7. i smoked twice too. and my bf was so angry when he found out... ouch. i hate smokers who smoke in front of me. want to smoke, smoke la far far!

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  8. No jerry, I've stopped for quite a while now... gotta concentrate on studies... I used to be very addicted.

    Jino! yea... I've repented since those two times. I dont fance ppl smoking in front of me to... Can't wait till msia imposes the non-smoking in aircond places.

  9. I'll be sure to consider a food outlet with cheesecake at the next outing...coz I love cheesecake too! ^_^