Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shower Show-er

A few of my friends have always warned me against showering in a particular fitnessfirst branch because it was sleazy... I never understood why... Until now.

I had a dinner appointment at 8 so instead of going home to shower after my usual Wednesday evening gym session, I decided to shower at the gym... It made sense, since the gym was in the city and the meeting would also be in the city.

When I first entered the showers, there was only one guy showering in one of the stalls, so I was free to pick a stall with no occupant on either side. It was then that I realised the shower stalls were indeed more opaque than the other gyms. From my stall, I can actually see a faintly clear silhouette of the guy showering in the opposite stall.

At first that was alright, so I continued with my shower... Once I was almost done with my shower... A dude walked into the stall beside me... And, he was no normal dude... Even through the frosty opaque glass separating our two shower stall, I could clearly see that he was buffed.

I was sort of finishing up my shower while trying not to stare at my left too obviously... Coz I figured if I can roughly see him 'this' clearly, then surely he can see me too. Don't wanna scare him if he batted for the 'other' team right?

Then low and behold, he started playing with himself. At first I thought he was just washing down there... Then over time i realised he was either jerking off, or trying to wash off a very stubborn dirt stain on his dick.

The sight of a hot guy showering next to me while playing with himself was just too much. Lil Lucas started to rise to the occasion... And to avoid any ambarrassing situations, I quickly finished my shower... Turned off the water... Dried myself and left the stall with a semi boner. I think if I stayed any longer I may have had to either ended my shower with a cold shower, or jerked myself off too.

I lingered a little longer in the changing area just to see who the guy was, because I recognised his multi coloured towel with foot print designs on it hanging outside his stall. Wow, the guy that walked into the change room with that towel moments later, was hawt! He had a cute face, well defined chest and abs and a very nice butt. *wipes drool*

Did I regret not giving him a hand? Not really... Because firstly I don't really know the proper etiquette of change room cruising. What if he wasn't cruising and was only looking to pleasure himself? And seriously, I'm not that sleazy to cruise in the gym's shower... The guy may have been my cup of tea, but the occasion and setting was not. So no, I don't regret not 'participating'.

Nonetheless, it was an interesting experience... Maybe I will shower there again, just to see what and how other people get it on in the shower... LoL voyeur style :p

Signing out.