Thursday, April 21, 2011

Camp Be A Man (not from Mulan)

To the readers of this blog, I have been offered the chance of a lifetime to change! And so can you!

Our very own education department from Terengganu has offered a course to cure effeminate guys. Sixty-six lucky boys have already been hand-picked for the first intake. I hope they are cute, otherwise the course co-ordinators won’t be having much fun… I’m genuinely surprised they only picked sixty-six, and not a more auspicious number like sixty-nine.

Here’s the article
KUALA TERENGGANU: The state Education Department has sent 66 schoolboys with effeminate tendencies to a camp aimed at helping them behave in a proper manner.

"The four-day camp in Besut, the first-ever to be held here, started yesterday. It is to help address the problem afflicting secondary schoolboys.

"They were listed by their schools who were instructed last year to identify students who displayed feminine qualities," said department director Razali Daud.

He said the remedial effort was prompted by the rising number of effeminate schoolboys in the state.
"The severity of the symptoms vary, but the 66 schoolboys were showing behaviours that is not usually displayed by a normal male of their age."

Razali said the link between effeminate behaviour among male students and transsexuality should be a matter of concern that should not be ignored.

"As educators, we have to do something about it before the young ones misunderstand people and reach the point of no return.

"We are not intervening with the process of nature as we are merely trying to guide these students to a proper path in life."

The students will be attending physical education and religious classes conducted by motivational speakers.

"The students must understand that there are choices in life and we want them to know all the options available to them.

"We understand that some people end up as mak nyah (transvestite) or a homosexual, but we will do our best to limit the number."

Razali said parents and teachers should observe the slightest effeminate tendency in their male children from an early age.

"If left unchecked, it could become a problem later in life for them, their families and society."

I remember watching Latter days where they try to cure homosexuality with aversion therapy… OMG it was damn damn damn hot! The scene, and the dude of course… not the therapy.

Anyway, shame on you people, picking on vulnerable little confused boys… how small can you be to be picking on them. Maybe after they check out your small junks, they may be cured of all homosexuality… thinking all cocks are that minute. Be a MAN and accept that homosexuality is here, and just deal with it! Don’t take it out on the young ones.

Anyway, it’s a four day course… one day for each ‘base’. Wahaha… this post isn’t a joke by the way… this is really happening out there… check out the link your self.

Signing out.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


All over the world, same-sex couples are feeling the crunch because they are restricted from having children of their own. Whether its religious groups or a political candidate trying to garner support, there is always a shit load of people out there that love spending their free time denying same-sex couples the rights to parenthood. Some even claim that gays and lesbians can’t be good parents.

Well good parenting doesn’t remotely depend on the sexual orientation of the parents, but rather depends on how they are as a person. Same-sex parents can be as good or as bad as any hetero parents, and that is a fact…

When I was back in Malaysia, I was having dinner in one of the ice-cream parlours, and to my disgust I saw a young family with a boy no older than four summers old dining as well. I wasn’t disgusted because they were breeders with a child while homos are denied that basic right… rather the fact that the child had a hand-held console all throughout the dining process irked me.

These parents were obviously not at all fit, because they clearly gave the little kid a Nintendo to play so that they can have a peaceful quiet meal. This is BAD PARENTING 101, exposing a child that young to video games is only paving the way for lifelong social ineptness and bad eyesight.

Another thing I personally saw that took my breath away for all the wrong reasons was this:

Can you believe the nerve of that parent, pushing the toddler around in a stroller with a DVD player? Seriously even if the kid doesn’t grow up with a television addiction, he is bound to be at the very least harmed by the radiation of that mobile player.

The bottom line is that parents are good or bad for a variety of reasons, their own upbringing, stress level at work or for the simple reason of being plain ignorant. The once reason I’m sure cannot be directly linked to bad parenting is being gay.

Signing out.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back For Now

So I’m still here, well and good. Having recently graduated I’ve been a little lost lately, so I guess that’s why I went missing in action here on my blog. But I’m back now, haven’t really re-found myself, but back nonetheless.

I realise now how hard it is to find a job… it is fucking hard. And now I have to deal with both employment rejection and dating rejection. Live really sucks bad sometimes…

On a lighter note, I’m now casually working as a tutor :) I’m tutoring high school kids, and that’s kind of fun. Its really rewarding when you see them learn new things you teach them.

Been thinking of doing a bunch of other stuff… In a mental debate of whether I should try and be a coffee barista or try and do an instructor course, like what Takashi did. The coffee barista course is cheaper and probably pays better; but the instructor course is fun… So yea… tough choices.

Anyway, I’m really back now, so expect a lot more weird posts very soon :)

Signing out.
(once again, after a very long time)