Friday, December 31, 2010

This Is Why...

“I met her at one of the potlucks organised by my friend in the middle of August. She was a very sweet girl and we got along really well. After about two to three weeks of knowing each other, we decided to try being together, and that was when she became my girlfriend. This is my last year in university, and I really needed to spend a lot of time studying and researching for my final year projects. She however was one of those clingy type of girlfriend, and wanted to know where I was every other hour of the day, and also wanted to meet every day for lunch or dinner. At first I thought that it was really cute that she wanted to meet me every day, and as with the dawn of every relationship, I felt I couldn’t see enough of her as well, and didn’t mind finding time in my busy schedule to meet up. But after a while, I felt she was becoming more and more demanding, and that wanting to meet every day was being unreasonable. This was more so the case when I was nearing my assignment datelines and she still insisted on meeting every day. At the point in time, I literally felt suffocated. That’s when I decided to end it after about two months into the relationship, as my studies are more important than anything. Anyway, that’s the story, and now I’m still single. Now I feel it is too soon for me to find another girlfriend as I need some more time alone to get over it first.”



Did anyone buy that? If I told my mom that do you think she’ll be off my back about not having a girlfriend?

This visit to Melbourne, every now and then my mom will try to subtly ask why I don’t have a girlfriend when all my friends have girlfriends. So maybe if I fabricated a story about falling for a girl over last semester, she’ll be satisfied? Also that would enable me to explain why I didn't do so well last semester :p I can blame that on the imaginary girlfriend as well. LoL.

Happy New Year everyone!

Signing out.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas to everyone reading this! Sorry I haven't been updating this space for a very long time, its mainly because my parents are visiting, and I've just been very busy spending time with them :)

We recently went down to tassie, and I must say its a very beautiful island...

Anyway, its Christmas, the season of giving, so I thought I'd leave you guys with a few pictures of santa and his reindeers. I'll be updating this space more often once my parents head back to Malaysia, but for now I'll have to spend my time with them :)

Ho Ho Ho boys and gals, don't you think the first santa pic is simply delicious :P

Merry Christmas!

Signing out.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eject The Feeling Of Rejection

Will there come a day whereby I really become desensitised from the bitter feeling of being rejected? I mean should I be looking forward to the day rejection doesn't hurt me anymore? Or should I look forward to the day I finally won't be rejected... Either way I'm certain its many more rejections before one of the two options happen.

But maybe I'm always setting up my own demise as I seek that which I should not seek. Always trying to date people out of my league isn't the way to go... is it? I guess society doesn't really approve of the below average person dating super hot people... our media certainly doesn't condone it... I mean in the movies its always pretty people pairing with pretty people... hardly pretty with ugly...
I'm always left to ponder the thought that 'if you don't try, you'll never know', that's why I always try to pick the cute guys. And my idea of cute is quite different from mainstream cute I reckon... most of my friends don't find the guys I call cute - cute... Maybe my definition of cute is a little skewed, nonetheless regardless of what 'type' of cute they are, I still get my rejections at the end of what was in my opinion a flirtatious courtship... I get the same feeling over and over again... PRS I call it, post rejection syndrome.The effect stings even more when the guy you were after replies your call by saying that he's busy with his new boyfriend and can't mee you... Ouch... Ouch... When will I start becoming numb to the feeling of rejection?

Signing out.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Officially Unemployed

After five years of hard work in uni, as of yesterday... I have officially joined the group of people classified as unemployed. Haha, yes... I have finally completed my education after all the hardships, sweats and tears.

Yesterday I graduated in sky blue and gold colours, as is the tradition of my school. It was a most heart warming event, as I was overjoyed receiving congratulatory remarks from course mates that graduated with me, and my friends that come to support and acknowledge my achievements over the past few years.

I also have to thank my parents for taking the time off to come visit me and join in my celebration of completing my university course.

All in all, I have a lot more celebration to do, but once all that is done... I have to really start thinking about what I want to do with my future. That... is... a... scary... thought...

Signing out.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Matching Of The Stars

Hey everyone, hope I don't get letters for this blog posts, but I was wondering in the straight world, stars hook up all the time when they act in the same movies...

Here is Zac Effron with Vannessa Hudgens, obviously met on the set of high school musical, and if I'm not mistaken are still romantically attached.

And here's Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, they met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Causing Brad to split with Jen, and now they are both still happily married.

We also have Blake Lively and Penn Badgley, from the set of Gossip Girl. They met on the set, and still seem to be very lovey dovey with each other.

So, anyway, if straight celebrities met on set all the time, wouldn't it be awesome if gay people also met while working on a set together?

Here are some of the ones which I think will make the media go ape shit if they find it to be true!

Number 3 on the list we have Taylor Lautner and Robbert Pattinson, both are on the set of the Twillight saga, and have a few more movies to go. Never know, RPatz may break up with KStew and hook up with lil ol TayTay. LoL. Something to appease both team Jacob and team Edward :P

Number 2 on the list, from the hit series Glee... I'm hoping that Finn will hook with Sam, both in real life and in the show... haha!

Number 1 on the list... and somehow I've been wishing for this for a VERY long time... Harry and Draco together. Either in the stories... which is not possible now, or off set... Whoa... how awesome right? Danniel Radcliff and Tom Felton!

To all the hollywood companies out there, by no means is this a post to imply that the actors are gay or anything, its just wishful thinking on my behalf, so please dont send me any letters.

Signing out.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

SexPo Visit

Had a rather interesting weekend, this is the very first weekend I had in months that really required me to do nothing at all. What I did end up doing was visiting the SexPo in Melbourne. What that is is really just a sex exhibition, where everything that has to do with sex is exhibited, haha.

Although I must say that it’s a very straight event, the merchandise most sold there was costume for women, and surprisingly dildos. The only remotely gay booth there was a bisexual booth. Although one can always interpret that any booth selling dildos are certainly catering to the gay market, right?

There were quite a few kinky booths as well, selling leather and bondage stuff. And me being the good ‘tourist’ and a first timer at a SexPo, bought a bondage bear. Its really quite cute when you look at it, I can imagine tying up my partner like that, haha it would be hot?

I also thought of buying a flesh-light, haha a pretty inventive name if you ask me. I’ve seen countless flesh light advertisements in my email box every week; I swear those advertisers are stalking me… along with penis enlargement and acai berry companies. But anyway, I didn’t buy it in the end, coz they were really quite expensive, and I was with friends, its weird to be buying one of those when you have friends with you right? Especially girls.

I mean its one thing to understand that everyone (guy) masturbates, but to explicitly state it by buying a flesh-light… a bit embarrassing la.

The funny thing about the whole SexPo was that the majority of the stuff sold there were for women, like dildos and costumes, (i.e. maids, nurses, policewomen) and not much of the stuff sold were for men.

I was thinking isn’t it easier to sell sex stuff to men? Cause a women isn’t likely to just walk up to the booth to buy a sex toy right? With that in mind, shouldn’t there have been more booths that sold toys for men? But that wasn’t the case as I mentioned.

All in all it was a fun experience, cost quite a bit to get in and I guess it was worth it, if I were straight… coz I finally got some straight porn magazines. I love them, they would be perfect to purposely-accidently leave them in my room when my parents visit, so that they would see them. That would throw them off course and convince them I’m straight… won’t it?

Signing out.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jacob Biscuit Bites

I’ve made a trip up to the capital city again to clear up some things with the Malaysian High Commissioner. As usual there’s nothing much to do here, so I’m just wondering around the city, which the locals call civic instead of city, wasting time while waiting for my flight back to Melbourne at 6pm.

All I got from wandering around the city is that Jacob rules! And by Jacob I most certainly mean Jacob Black from the twilight series.

Did I mention I’m a total team Jacob kinda guy? I mean c’mon seriously, what’s not to like about Jacob? He’s hot, cute, hot, hunky, hot, turns into a fluffy wolf, hot, apparently has a constant warm body temperature (according to Bella), and oh yea… did I mention HAWT !!!

Notice Jacob's poster is 13 and Edward's is 12 and 14

Check it out, no more 13 but heaps of 12s... LoL

Here’s proof that folks here in the capital are pretty decent people when it comes to choosing their favourite twilight character, there was this little basket of posters on sale, and all the Jacob posters were totally sold out, but the Edward ones were still there. Ahahaha, nobody wants him. He is totally creepy if you ask me.

C’mon you team Edward peeps, admit that you’re all a closeted Jacob fan but just don’t wanna admit it. Wahaha.

Strangely I’ve always like Jacob even before the movies, I really liked his character even in the books. I wish my boyfriend could change into a fluffy wolf… that way I could take him for a walk in the park, and it wouldn’t even be remotely kinky or weird :P

Signing out.