Sunday, December 5, 2010

SexPo Visit

Had a rather interesting weekend, this is the very first weekend I had in months that really required me to do nothing at all. What I did end up doing was visiting the SexPo in Melbourne. What that is is really just a sex exhibition, where everything that has to do with sex is exhibited, haha.

Although I must say that it’s a very straight event, the merchandise most sold there was costume for women, and surprisingly dildos. The only remotely gay booth there was a bisexual booth. Although one can always interpret that any booth selling dildos are certainly catering to the gay market, right?

There were quite a few kinky booths as well, selling leather and bondage stuff. And me being the good ‘tourist’ and a first timer at a SexPo, bought a bondage bear. Its really quite cute when you look at it, I can imagine tying up my partner like that, haha it would be hot?

I also thought of buying a flesh-light, haha a pretty inventive name if you ask me. I’ve seen countless flesh light advertisements in my email box every week; I swear those advertisers are stalking me… along with penis enlargement and acai berry companies. But anyway, I didn’t buy it in the end, coz they were really quite expensive, and I was with friends, its weird to be buying one of those when you have friends with you right? Especially girls.

I mean its one thing to understand that everyone (guy) masturbates, but to explicitly state it by buying a flesh-light… a bit embarrassing la.

The funny thing about the whole SexPo was that the majority of the stuff sold there were for women, like dildos and costumes, (i.e. maids, nurses, policewomen) and not much of the stuff sold were for men.

I was thinking isn’t it easier to sell sex stuff to men? Cause a women isn’t likely to just walk up to the booth to buy a sex toy right? With that in mind, shouldn’t there have been more booths that sold toys for men? But that wasn’t the case as I mentioned.

All in all it was a fun experience, cost quite a bit to get in and I guess it was worth it, if I were straight… coz I finally got some straight porn magazines. I love them, they would be perfect to purposely-accidently leave them in my room when my parents visit, so that they would see them. That would throw them off course and convince them I’m straight… won’t it?

Signing out.


  1. lolx, cute bear, mayb they want the gals to release a bit of sexual tension of their own... unlike men who can do tat easily.
    how do u even strategiclly put ur straight magazine? = =

  2. Hmm, Vincent, I may be able to place it in such a way that it looks like I'm hiding it... but they can still find it if they look carefully... :P

  3. Lols. Just make sure they don't accidentally find the other mags to convince them otherwise instead. xD

  4. LoL... of course I wont... the very first priority are to get rid of all the DNA mags...