Monday, February 27, 2012

Exceeding Expectations!

I am officially back in the house. This time hopefully for real!

I realise that blogging was always a way for me to just let go of myself when I was a student... Most of my blog posts were by-products of just me sipping a flat white (the coffee some of us drink here down under), at my favourite cafe, chillingly typing away at my keyboard and trying to get down something legible.

So for my return post, I’d like to talk a little about expectations...

Caught up with a few good friends for coffee over the weekend, and the conversation steered to ‘expectations’… and somehow I think what I got from that conversation was that I just simply expected too much. Especially in terms of getting a response...

me... waiting for a response...

What I said to my friends was that I thought people in the gay world simply weren’t courteous enough. Most of them don’t ever reply to my greeting messages online or Grindr. Boys, I get that I may look like a troll to you… but the least you can do is just give me a short reply saying you are not interested… At the very least I know that you’ve seen my message. Is it really that difficult?

Well apparently its okay that people don’t message me back… and that I should just move on and not let it bother me. Frankly I don’t know why, but it just bothers me that a simple reply cannot be written. SERIOUSLY? How long is it going to take you to type “sorry not interested, have a nice day” SERIOUSLY!!??!!??!!??

Well I guess after having that conversation… I’ll have to start telling myself that it is normal that people don’t respond. It could be because they aren’t interested and its their way of saying NO, it could be because they have no manners, or it could just be because they can’t be fucked… (well in a physical sense... if you can't meet them, you can't fuck them, rite?) Either way, I really have to start to expect less… and not let it bother me too much anymore…

What if I looked like that?

Sometimes I can’t help but think that if I looked like Channing Tatum, I wouldn’t have this problem… or maybe I would… who knows… maybe I was right all along… people just aren’t courteous enough! And I've been expecting too much all along!

Signing out.


  1. no point emo-ing over all these insignificant apps or sites... waste energy only.. lol...

    young and cute people like us have to smile always and just have the WHATEVER attitude!

    courtesy is not the case for everyone in the gay world especially those in those sites or apps... they have the thinking like: if youre hot enough for me then youre not worth talking to...

    i experienced the horror of grindr and the evil it does and we(then bubu and i) decided to delete it once and for all...

    and half of them put their half naked bodies up there ever so hot but dumb as hell that they couldnt even type proper english... such a turn off *fan the fingers bitchily*...

    well, i dont know what im crapping also but erm.. welcome back lor... keep blogging la lucy! :)

  2. Haha thanks Tuls! I actually literally Laughed Out Loud when I read *fan the fingers bitchily!

    Yea you are right, I can't let these things bother me... I feel I can't delete is sites and apps though... Where else am I gonna meet young and cute guys? Right?

    1. Haha, ya, how to meet young and cute guys without grindr and jack'd herm~ have yet to come up with a solution... People that we get to meet at places like pool and gym are pretty scary too...

      Not sure if you would agree, but their hornyness simply drive them nuts! Please lah begin a conversation at lease with a "hi" or "hey" not "you gay"? ish~

      You blog awesome dont worry =)