Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Watch Your Safety

The level of safety in our beloved country is becoming more and more of a concern as everyday we hear and read of petty crimes, such as robbing and snatch thieving, being committed. The problem has become more visible of late especially so with the constant warnings and reminder of my parents.

My mom has advice me not to wear my watch when going out at night, because she said that it is highly possible that people would want to rob me of it. And she can be very convincing and descriptive when describing how robbers chop off the hands of their victims with a parang (machete) just to collect the bounty of a watch.

This worries me as I start to wonder if the level of safety in our country has deteriorated, or could it just be that my mum’s level of paranoia has increased lately. To be fair I’m not even wearing any Rolex or Patek watches, it was just a birthday present from my parents this year… is my mum worrying for nothing?

Neither is my watch this Mickey Watch, although I wish it was

Assuming its not my mum’s level or paranoia that is the problem, then it’s the safety that is a snag. Shouldn’t more effort be placed by the government and by the police force in ensuring the safety of its tax paying citizens? Should we the citizens be content to live with fear of being robbed or hurt by snatch thieves all our lives, every single day?

I guess sitting here and ranting about the safety is certainly not the solution to the problem. But so then I was wondering to myself, what exactly is the best solution to the problem? What can we do?

Our police force is always busy doing God knows what, whouldn't they need more supervision by some less corrupt body? Certainly not the Attorney Generals office, coz by golly they seem to be of the same feathers.

Apart from that, a lot of the criminals that commit these petty crimes are foreigners that come in to the country as workers but evade immigration to continue to ‘prosper’ in our country. Should the immigration department then not review its policy in easily allowing foreign workers to stay in the country?

But then the issue of foreign workers is a whole other can of worms in itself. Most Manufacturers in our country claim that foreign workers are the life and blood of the Malaysian production line, as our local people are too conceited to be a simple factory worker. This problem is probably in part stemmed by our less than convincing education system, in which produces more and more graduates each year that are not fit to join the work force as degree or diploma holders but are then over qualified to be simple factory workers as they are after all a graduate. (looks like this can be a whole post in itself)

Then finally there is the supposed conspiracy that the immigration department is allowing more and more foreign workers to enter and reside in the country, especially foreigners of a particular religion and race. This is so that politically and racially the ratio of One Malaysia is always stacked against others.

Oh well, I guess its sad that I cant even wear things I like out at night for fear of my own safety. But then again, maybe I’m just influenced by my mum’s paranoia and over exaggerating.

Signing out.


  1. Malaysia produces lots of U-Grad (also may not fit to the commercial market) but not factory workers. For the past 20 yrs, we have been highly dependent on cheap labour for our production and neglected the automated process. In developed country, the labour is not cheap and yet they don't depend on foreign workers; they automated their production to the max. Yes, safety in this country has been deteriorating over times...we need to protect ourselves, like hiring security guards for our housing estate and etc. Haiz..

  2. I think it's overkill. It's like buying a new car and not driving it out for fear of car thieves.

  3. Skyhawk, automating the process is one way, but are we capable of running the highly automated production line? how often do you hear of local technicians not being able to deal with the imported automated machinery...
    yea haha, we have to take matters into our own hands and hire our own security.

    Yea will, maybe my mum's paranoia is just uncalled for... LoL

  4. nah, i think robbers wont want a rm10 mickey mouse watch.. unless its like studded with diamonds and rubies and cost like half a million kind of thing (i've approved one tan sri's credit card for that amount when i was working in a bank...)

    and agree with william.. my dad is exactly like that.. buy new car, but dont drive it.. buy new tv but dun switch it on.. -_-"

  5. Takashi, that mickey is worth more than u think :) I sure wish I had one. But yea, new car and dont drive... the first few months my mum got her new car, she didnt dare drive it to places like 1Utama, coz its apparently notorious for car jackings.

    Living in partial fear.