Friday, January 22, 2010

Avatar, My First Movie of 2010

Its no wonder they won two Golden Globe awards!!! I just watched Avatar... I know, I know... soo late right? but yea, its the first movie I've watched since coming back to Malaysia... And its fucking awesome! There's soo much in the film... music, plot, hot blue dudes (butt naked), themes... whoa, its really great.

I particularly liked the theme, I'm stating the obvious here... but the Yankees invading the middle east for oil... If you invade people with lower technology and just pulverize them... they are going to fight back... and if they dont have mother nature to help them out in the war... they will resort to anything just to get back at the people that disrupted their home land... and that most certainly includes suicide bombings. Exactly the same thing as in Avatar... the sky people think they can come... teach English... liberate the Na'vis... and then take their resources??? get a life... nobody is gonna just sit back and take it up the ass... (except of coz Malaysians in the case of the g*v screwing everyone up, and maybe gays, lol )

Luv Jake when he was BNB (butt naked blue), he looked okayish in human form, but in his Na'vi form, WHOA! hawt! somehow I saw him as a very cute and slim twink... hahaha... totally awesome. Minus the tail and the weird nose... I think I can picture me doing him :P hey... they're humans too... with feelings, so it wouldn't be bestiality, so don't even suggest that. Lets just say multiculturally, I'm very accepting :)

I also luved how he got his first lil birdie...When he went up to the high cliffs and looked for a bird (Ikrans) to wrestle Hahaha, its abit like in a gay bar ain't it? you walk around... then dance a lil with the person that stares back... and like the lady-Na'vi said... its the first 'ride' that counts... makes a difference if he is ever going to call back... hahaha! I sound like an expert, but I swear I'm not like that, I got all of that from watching Queer As Folk :)

Only thing was that there was this couple sitting next to me talking and commenting on the movie none stop since the beginning. They were making stupid comments like,
"he is gonna fall in luv with her, sure one"
"whoa, its so high, if he falls he will die"
"whoa those are dogs, those are horses, those are flying birds"
I was like wth... I tried to clear my throat while they were talking... it didn't help. I turned to my friend and commented very loudly, "WHY DO PEOPLE COME TO CINEMAS AND MAKE COMMENTS ABOUT EVERY LIL DETAIL?". Even that didn't help. And... I even did the universally understood sound for shut the fuck up... I went "SHOOOOOSH!". But guess what, that didn't penetrate their thick bloody skulls... Finally I had to stand up and say, "Excuse me, but I'm trying to watch the show". Phew... luckily they got the message after that, otherwise my movie would have been a disaster.

All in all, Avatar was a great movie for me.

Signing out.


  1. u could have just said "do u mind"

    make a date with me next sat @ mp ... see ya..!

  2. duh... i was so pissed i had to say something longer... lol. mp? the coming one... as in tmr?

  3. Oh yes!!! He is hawt indeed. Even in the human in wheelchair looks yummy too...

    I once watched a movie with a friend of mine and he knew the plot and kept spoilling the movie by telling whats gonna happen next. But I just ignored him cos he is doing it on purpose to try make me feel angry. I just blocked him out and concentrate on the movie. People like him will feel bored when they don't get any response. The silent treatment?! wakakaka!

  4. It's always a drag when we can't get to watch in peace. But it's definitely better than trying to find out whose got that smelly feet!

    p/s I usually say "please" whilst giving them a stern look. It works! :)

  5. bbear, they were strangers i didnt know that kept talking... and im actually quite bad at blocking out noises... :| so yea i had to tell them off

    ant, haha smelly feet... u usually get that in airplanes...
    its hard to give them a stern look in the dark. and i think i 'had' to tell them off, because who in the world doesnt understand 'shoooo!' lol